Hypnotizing Others Without A Script

by Bob Walsh

Do you want to hypnotize others and be able to easily put them in altered states of consciousness?

Do you want to do so in an easy and natural way, and be able to hypnotize anyone, anywhere, anytime?

I know many people who wish to possess these skills – yet, because of the way they learned hypnosis (with the help of scripts), they are also afraid to work without a script.

They are not yet confident in their hypnotic skills because they always rely on a script to hypnotize other people – and if they don’t have a script, then they aren’t confident that they actually can put people into an altered state of consciousness and help them to initiate behavioral changes, or whatever other goal it is that should be achieved during an hypnosis session.

Now, let me tell you – if you are able to hypnotize someone with the help of a script, that’s actually – believe it or not – a much more astonishing ability than to hypnotize someone without the help of a script.

Because what a script really is – it’s something that locks you in a certain path, and it doesn’t allow you the flexibility that it really takes to really do some deep-trance work with an hypnotic subject, because you can’t incorporate all the things that happen during the hypnotic session when you are working with a script. You are basically stuck in the ways of the person who wrote the script – even if you wrote the script yourself.

Think about it: that script came from a “virtual reality”. It’s not a “real life script” – because you created it in the room of your own mind. There was no feedback involved.

If something happens during a session – and during every session something happens – it’s just very difficult to incorporate that in the hypnotic induction, whereas if you are talking free, not relying on a script, you can use everything that happens to your advantage if you know…

… the right methods

And those “right methods” are not that complicated. It’ not rocket-science. You don’t need to be a doctor of psychology. Basically it’s really simple utilization techniques (many of which I share with the readers of the “Hypnotic Hodgepodge”) that you can master if you take 10 minutes a day for one week to practice them.

In the Hypnotic Hodgepodge, I will share different methods that allow you hypnotize others without needing a script, and doing it with confidence in your own set of skills because you know that you are capable of not only putting people in deep hypnotic states, but also reacting to whatever happens – reacting to the situations and phenomena that show up during hypnotic states – because hypnotic subjects really don’t turn into “sacks of sand” that doesn’t do anything but just “exists”. No, there are a myriad of different reactions – if you look closely, you will see changes in the facial expressions, there are changes in the breathing patterns, there are microgestures, there are changes in eye movements, pupil delation, skin color tones, posture and on and on and on… and you need to learn to interprete them and understand what they mean and how to react to them – and you will awe people with your ability to “read their thoughts” and understanding what’s really going on deep inside them (when all you really do is just observing with “hypnotic eyes”…)

Now let me tell you one thing about scripts. Most of the hypnotic scripts out there aren’t nearly as special as they seem to be. It’s very easy to write an hypnotic script once you know how it’s done. Yes, there are some things that you can do to make it even more powerful if you invest more work to it, but I’ve seen VERY few hypnosis scripts out there that are really worth the trouble.

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