Thinking Big And Dreaming Big Case Study: Tesla Museum

by Bob Walsh

Maybe you’ve already heard about it – it’s been quiet a phenomenon on the internet in the past days. The people behind the website of The Oatmeal are passionate geeks. And they set up a campaign to build a Nikola Tesla museum in New York. Basically converting Tesla’s old lab Wardenclyffe into a museum.

Matthew Inman, the creator of The Oatmeal isn’t a rich guy who can just make this kind of thing happen: buying the property cost $1.7 million!

But where to get that kind of money from?

Well, he thought big and dreamed big, and he made it happen.

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First, he got the state of New York to commit to the following deal: if he could raise $850,000 (half the money) then the state of New York would match the funds, reaching the $1.7 million required.

Now setting up a campaign to raise $850,000 – that still seems, well… BIG!

And the funny thing is, Inman didn’t even get his hopes too high:

“I didn’t think [$850,000] was realistic. I figured we’d just give it a shot.”1

And that’s the thing about thinking big and dreaming big – sometimes the odds are stacked against you… sometimes success is improbable. Sometimes even just giving it a shot seems embarrassing. Attempting to achieve the improbable can be daunting, because you’re exposing yourself to the risk of failure.

But it’s what gets great things done. It’s what can make dreams come true. It’s what can help you to achieve your highest aspirations.

Thinking big isn’t easy – it’s not like just imagining to be the best and the greatest. Thinking big is about stretching your imagination of what’s possible in a way that causes you to take constructive action. And this kind of thinking doesn’t come easy to most people.

Success always starts on the inside – it’s your mindset, your thoughts, your aspirations, the dreams you dare to dream – and pursue.

I challenge you: dare to dream big.

Matthew Inman raised $850,000 in just a couple of days – on average $100 by minute, $6,000 by hour, $145,000 by day. He raised that money to make a dream come true – and he succeeded. Now thinking big doesn’t always automatically lead to success – but it makes succeeding so much more likely.

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