Thunderstorm Phobia

by Bob Walsh

Does the sound of thunder fill you with fear? You are not alone with this of course. Human beings have feared natures forces for thousands of years already. Some historians even believe that it was this fear that sparked our beliefs in magic and superstitions, and even religion. And if you look at the animal kingdom, you can see that even animals are often afraid of thunder and lightning. Yet, not everybody is afraid of it.

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And it would definitely be nicer to stop being afraid of it, and be able to remain calm and confident when nature unloads its forces with those powerful rumblings. But you can not simply decide to stop being afraid. Because these decisions come from your mind, the realm of conscious thinking. Fear on the other hand is an emotion that sits way deeper, is hard-wired more strongly into our brains, and easily overrides everything else. That is why it is so difficult to gain control over our fears.

There are many reasons why one could be afraid of thunder and lightning. One is simply that they can in fact be scary phenomenons -the sudden loud noises and the outburst of electrical energy and light. In fact, the fear of loud noises and the fear of falling are the only two fears with which we are born, all other fears we have acquired later in life. But often times, it is also because of something that once happened during a thunderstorm. Simply having been frightened or having had a bad experience that coincided with a thunderstorm can form a powerful neurological link in your brain that can seem difficult to disconnect.

And in fact, if you only engage your rational mind, your conscious thoughts, logical reasoning, you will not be able to get to the root cause of the thing. That is why hypnosis is so powerful in these cases. With hypnosis, you can disconnect the link between thunder and lightning and the sensation of being afraid. And you not just disconnect it, but you actually connect it to another emotion or sensation. For example, you could instead learn to be calm, aware and relaxed during thunderstorms and lightning. This is a much better way to react, rather than to be paralysed by fear. Just being able to carry on with your business, whether there is a thunderstorm or not, and be indifferent towards it, is simply a way of regaining more control over your own life. And you deserve that control.

This control should be in your own hands, and not up to the random changes of weather. What is more – it can also be a bit embarrassing when other people notice that you are afraid, especially if you are a man. Another benefit of overcoming the fear of thunder and lightning will help you to become more courageous in general. Whenever you overcome a fear, it is as if you train your courage muscle, and you make it stronger. It is the opposite of a generalized anxiety.

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