Remote Viewing Training

by Bob Walsh

This is not the typical kind of remote viewing training program. This one helps you to make maximum use of your subconscious potential when it comes to mastering the art and science of remote viewing.

However – just listening to this won’t help you to learn it. You still need to do something, you still need to practice, you still need the right mental strategies.

But: this will help you to make your training a lot more effective and powerful. Because it enables you to access parts of your subconscious mind and regions of your brain that are hard to activate by other means.

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You see, most people don’t even believe in remote viewing. They think it’s impossible.

(Just like every reasonable laymen, and even all the experts and scientists thought that flying is impossible before the Wright brothers took off in their airplane).

And this disbelief affects you. Even if you don’t want it. Even if you don’t buy it. Somehow, it makes you doubt your ability to remote view on a very deep-seated psychological level. You might not be even conscious of the doubts that are holding you back – but unless you resolve them and work your way through them, they will hinder you from tapping into that full potential.

With the help of this subliminal remote viewing training you can dissolve doubts and fully realize (and accept) your natural ability to remote view.

Remote Viewing Training? Click Here Now!

You can increase the accuracy and learn to distinguish imagination and personal analysis from real perception. This is vital, because a lot of people who are capable of remote viewing have trouble distinguishing their real perceptions from their imagination. They mix the two up together, and this can be fatal. One of the reasons why it’s such a common problem is because we have to access hidden mental potentials in order to activate our remote viewing activities. We need to get into certain mental states and perform mental operations that in many ways resemble day-dreaming states, and wishful thinking and fears can interfere if we don’t know how to clearly separate them from real sensory data.

You will be able to get into a deep state of focus and concentration and remain in that state for as long as you want.

Your general remote viewing training will become a lot more effective, because the subliminals put your mind into the right kind of state. Think of it as muscles – muscles can be in states where muscle growth is encourages, and that also requires certain nutrients that can foster this muscle growth. The subliminals are the optimum nutrients for the expansion of your remote viewing abilities.

Whatever you want to use remote viewing for, be it to make out optimum trajectories, determining guilt or innocence, medical purposes identifying causes and locating optimum treatments or any other goal – at the core, it’s always crucial that you can be in that certain, calm, focused state of mind, despite all the distractions of our modern world.

Remote Viewing Training? Click Here Now!