Exercise Helps To Deal With Cigarette Cravings

by Bob Walsh

If you’re trying to quit smoking you will have to face a terrifying monster: the cigarette craving demon. It will use all it’s might and fierce powers to get you to light up another cigarette, inhale one more time…

And you will need to be prepared to deal with those cravings.

New research suggests that exercise can help you to overcome those cravings. If you ever catch yourself so close to lighting up a cigarette, and the tempting thoughts just keep haunting you in your mind, exercising can get that craving out of your system for a while.

“After exercise, smokers reported about one-third lower cravings compared with being passive” said Adrian A. Taylor, a professor of exercise and health psychology at the University of Exeter in the UK in an interview with the Chicago Tribune.

Considering the fact that many people also gain weight when they quit smoking, exercise is good in two ways for you: it not just helps to better cope with cigarette cravings, but also helps you to stay in shape.

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