Stop Smoking AND Lose Weight with Hypnosis

by Bob Walsh

Here is a story of a woman I met who has shifted her eating habits with the help of hypnosis – and her friend even stopped smoking after just one session, which is quiet remarkable. Read for yourself

I am a subject that in the past has been hypnotized. Yes I was a believer that someone that has been trained in this realm of putting people into a hypnotic “sleep” could help me to slow down my eating habits.

I wasn’t severely overweight, but I was coming out of being depressed and didn’t want to gain any more weight than I had. The only problem with this seminar was that at the same time he was also hypnotizing people to quit smoking.

My ex-boyfriend came there and was ready to quit smoking. So we entered the room where many people were divided into groups. Of course the groups were that of us who wanted to gain the ability to slow our eating habits and then the group of those that wanted to quit smoking.

In my head I kept wondering how he was going to do this. He was a very well spoken speaker and kept our attention till he started to put us under. I felt as though I was fighting his will for me to go under…but eventually I gave into his will.

It felt very weird. No matter what I wanted to do I was there hanging on every word he had to say. I could hear when he would address the group of the smokers and yet that didn’t seem to affect me…yet when he would start to talk about food and our ability to fight the urge to eat for no reason, that when we did to eat healthy, to leave the potato chips, candy bars, pie, etc alone…I listened.

This going back and forth went on for some time. I believe the session lasted for about an hour. I could hear him talking to us and telling us that we would feel refreshed when we came too and that we could talk to one another about how we felt. He slowly brought us out of our hypnotic state and back to reality. I did feel refreshed but somehow a little confused. I started to talk to others in my group to see how they felt about the experience. A woman said she didn’t feel any different than when she came walking in the door…another one told me she felt some what reassured that maybe she could fight for a healthier lifestyle. For her I sure would hope so…She had the most to gain from this session. She had been dieting and gone off the “wagon” and gained quite a bit of weight back. For me I wasn’t quite sure yet. I wasn’t feeling different either. I was feeling unsure that he even did anything to change my feeling of food and what I ate. I eventually wondered over to my boyfriend and asked him how he felt. His first response to me “Great, I feel great!” Well that was a good reaction I guess but time would only tell. The next day after the hypnosis I got up and made breakfast. I really didn’t pay attention to what I had gotten together for breakfast. I had made piece of dry toast, a boiled egg and a glass of milk.

I sat down to eat and then realized I didn’t grab my bowl of sugared cereal and what ever else I could get my mitts on. I just blew it off. But as the day drove on I noticed little by little that my metal status was changing without me even really putting a lot of effort into it. I did have to remember to cook a little differently, but it didn’t make me miss my old ways.

As for my boyfriend and his smoking habit…well that’s another story. I didn’t realize till three days later that he had not been smoking. Really, he had stopped and I didn’t even realize it. The night of our hypnosis he didn’t even have a cigarette then. He told me after the session that he didn’t have the craving nor the urge to smoke so he threw his pack of cigarettes out after he left. So for us the sessions of being hypnotized seemed to work. For many it depends on how open they are to it. You see many shows where people are hypnotized into doing funny things…but that is for a moment not something to change for a life time.

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