Hypnosis for Trichotillomania

Compulsive hair pulling can cause permanent damage to your scalp, and affect your sense of self-esteem negatively. Hypnosis for trichotillomania has shown to be one of the most effective hair pulling disorder treatments available. At the same time, it is very affordable and completely natural – no need for creams, medication or expensive therapy. The power of your own mind is the best medicine.

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Oftentimes the hair pulling happens almost automatically, without you being really aware of it. Maybe you are checking emails, reading something, working, talking with someone or chatting – and your hand wanders to your head and your fingers start pulling your hair. And you just notice it when you’ve already pulled out a fair amount of hair.

As strange as this habit seems to many, it is actually a lot more common than most people expect. There are millions of people with trichotillomania. Most of them just keep trying and trying to stop the hair pulling habit – and you’ve probably tried that already too. But it’s not so easy. And sometimes the more you try, the more some part of you keeps pulling and pulling out hairs when you don’t pay attention for a moment. This can cause emotional stress, affect your self-esteem negatively and thus intensify your hair pulling habit even more again.

Trichotillomania Journal

One thing that has been particularly helpful to make trichotillomania hypnosis even more effective is to write a “hair pulling log book”. This is essentially a kind of journal about your hair pulling. You write down when you pulled your hair, what you where doing while pulling, how you felt and what kind of thoughts went through your mind.

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At first, this might seem like a strange, unnatural thing to do, and it might become boring and repetitive quite fast. But keep at it – write down every single day the details of your hair pulling habits. By doing that, you communicate to your subconscious mind that you want to understand better why you are actually pulling your hair, and that you wish to be more aware of this habit. Once you are more aware of it, you will also be in a much better position to change it.

What can you expect?

Please be realistic. Hypnosis is a psychological method that can help you to get better results faster in the field of personal change. Hypnosis is not some kind of magic spell that will heal you overnight.

It requires you to make some effort too. You should listen each day at least once for about 20 minutes. You will usually get the best results when you listen to the hypnosis download in bed, just before you go fall asleep. The last mental impressions of the day usually carry over into your dreams and get processed by your subconscious mind more intensely. It is all right if you fall asleep while listening to a the hypnosis for trichotillomania download – in the very early stages of sleep your subconscious mind will still process the hypnotic suggestions, and the deep relaxation will even make your mind more susceptible.

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