Picky Eater? Make Food on a Stick!

Sometimes it is not easy to get a picky eater to eat healthy, and vegetables are some of the most difficult things in many cases. Yet, vegetables are also very nutritios.

A really simple recipe for picky eaters is to make food on a stick. It’s a fun way to make food look good and appealing.

But there is a trick too: in the beginning, use mainly things on the stick that he or she likes to eat anyway. And just sneak a bit of the “forbidden food” in here and there.

As a starting ratio, I would suggest something like 80% popular food, and 20% of the food that you want to accustom him or her to.

And see how it goes down – if they make a fuss, just make it 90/10 next time. If they enjoy it, make it 70/30 next time. Basically, you adjust the dose according to their reaction.

And make it a fun experience. Get them involved in making the stick. Most kids love to just put the things on a stick – so it can help if you put an array of different things in front of them and then together “stick them on”.

It’s a good idea to sort by color and encourage them to make the stick as colorful as possible. And always make it fun – avoid the world “should”, and instead act like it’s a game. Have fun playing this game – fun is contagious, and if they see that you are having fun, they will want to have fun too.

Cut a kiwi in nice pieces and add watermelon cubes next to it – the nice contrast between red and green is enticing.

Basically, you use food to make it look like an advertisement.

And let your fantasy get involved – if you can make the foods into little shapes, that’s great. (Cookie cutters for example are an easy way to make pineapple stars).

Adding a rectangular slice of ham or cheese on that stick between the foods is also super easy and enticing.

Of course, it always depends on the preferences and dislikes of the picky eater.

With tricks like these, you can help a kid to widen the range of foods they enjoy eating, and establish more healthy food habits.

For teenagers and adults with fussy eating disorder, hypnosis can help to overcome the subconscious aversion against many foods.

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