Improve Willpower

Is there a way to improve willpower? Can you develop more discipline and become a more determined character? And if so, what is the best way for developing willpower?

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Willpower is when you have a kind of inner strength that most people lack. Everyone has a little bit of willpower, but most people do not have enough of it.

Some people do not like the worlds willpower or self-discipline, because they associate a different thing with it. They think of the son who studies law, because his father was a lawyer, and his grandfather was a lawyer, and he feels pressured to not disappoint his family, so he studies law too, even though he actually wants to work in tourism. But that is not willpower – that is weakness to stand up for yourself.

If you want to move something in this world, if you want to attain your goals and make your dreams come true, you do need willpower. It is that kind of mental resolve to do what is necessary to get what you want.

In fact, if there is one common determinator that all truly successful people have in common, and what separated them from those who lack success then it is this: willpower. Willpower is more important than talent, IQ or money. Willpower is the secret ingredient of success.

Neuroscientists are also looking at this topic, and they found that every person has a certain amount of willpower that can be used up during one day, and after that the willpower is gone. So the willpower that you can use during one day is limited, but through constantly training your will power you can improve willpower in the long term.

In most cases, people who have a strong self-discipline as kids also have strong self-discipline as adults, and people who lack willpower as kids often lack it as adults too – so it is a quite stable character trait. However, it is simply stable because it takes a lot of effort to improve willpower – but you can do it.

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But if you have read the previous paragraph carefully, you might have spotted a paradox: people with little willpower can increase their willpower. But it takes a lot of effort (and thus: a lot of willpower). So you need willpower to develop willpower.

And this is where hypnosis comes in: with hypnosis, developing willpower becomes a lot easier. You still need to want to do it, you still need to invest effort, you still need to use the self-discipline that you have, but you don’t have to train yourself for years and years – with the right hypnotic suggestions, you can speed up the whole process of improving willpower and make it a lot easier.

There is also a little mental trick that you can use to stay strong when you are tempted to not act be self-disciplined: simply think of a time in your life when you were tempted, when it was easy to give in – but you resisted. Your willpower was stronger than the temptation, and overpowered it. Recall that experience. This is a basic psychological mechanism: by recalling a situation where you had strong willpower, your mind subconsciously labels you as a person with strong willpower – and thus makes it easier for you to utilize it.

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