Fussy Eating Disorder

by Bob Walsh

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Being selective about the foods that you eat is a good thing. If more people would consider their eating options a bit more careful and wisely, there would be much less of a health problem. But being a fussy eater does not necessarily mean that you are healthier. In fact, you might deprive yourself of important foods that could help to strengthen your help even more.

Because picky eaters are not always picky about the quality of food they eat. Oftentimes, it is just that certain foods are associated with good experiences, while others are associated with negative experiences. Noodles for example is a popular choice among picky eaters. So is chocolate. But that does not necessarily mean it is good for you. (And we do know that it is not).

Oftentimes, fussy eaters do not eat fruits or vegetable. It does not matter what your personal likes and dislikes are – if you are at a point where you limit the range of foods that you eat more than what is good for you, then it is time to do something about it.

Maybe you just do not enjoy going out with friends to eat together, because of the limited range of food choices that you derive pleasure from.

Maybe you sometimes feel uncomfortable when someone prepares a meal for you and you do not eat it – it can be considered rude, impolite, or maybe the people who went through all the trouble to prepare the food for you will feel hurt or rejected because of it.

It is time that you stop being a fussy eater and open yourself up to the whole world of tastes and pleasures that are available in the culinary universe. That does not mean that you have to eat everything indiscriminately.

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It also does not mean that you should risk eating foods that are not clean or that might cause your digestion to get upset or even cause a bacterial infection. Of course you should make sure that the food you eat is clean and prepared properly.

But when you start to become more calm and relaxed about the foods you eat, you can discover a whole new world of joys and pleasures. And you can start to enjoy eating out with friends, colleagues and family a lot more.

And if you are living with your family, fussy eating disorder might even cost you the joy of eating together. In many families with picky eaters, the family members simply gave up eating together and everyone more or less eats their own food at their own convenience.

This is not the end of the world, but those families do miss out on the joys of the bonding experience of sharing your meals.

Researchers know that picky eating behavior usually starts around the age of two, and lasts only for a couple of short years. There are probably evolutionary reasons for this. The taste buds actually partially shut down at that age.

And if you think about it, it does make some sense. When we learn to walk, we can move around everywhere. And we would probably stick everything in our mouths and taste it, just the way young babies do it.

But the fact that our taste of sense is less developed in this age means that we are less focused on tasting things in this age, thus limiting the risk that we put something into our mouths that is actually dangerous for us.

Yet, normally by the age of five, the picky eating behaviors start to fade slowly. Every fussy eating disorder beyond that age is to be viewed as something that should be overcome.

Hypnosis is great for this purpose, because you get to change the way your brain reacts different kinds of foods, so that you widen the scope of foods from which you derive pleasure.

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