Problem Solving Training

by Bob Walsh

If you look at the world – there is a never ending supply of problems. That is why creative problem solving training is a skill that is becoming more and more important nowadays.

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We once have lived in an agricultural society, then the industrial age came and we are now in the dawn of the information age. We do not need to do physical labour anymore to put food on our plates or have a roof over our heads.

Our mental abilities are worth more now than they have ever been before. And that is why creative problem solving will help you in many areas of your life. But when you are under pressure, it sometimes is not so easy to come up with fresh ideas. Creativity is not something that you can force into being.

There are a couple of things that can be done to find creative solutions for difficult problems.

One thing you can do is to think of a number between 1 and 50. Write that number down. And now, think of a second number between 1 and 10. Write that number down too. Let us assume that the first number you picked was 28 and the second number was 3. What you do next is to take a book or magazine that is nearly you, and open it on any given page. Then, go to row 28 and look at the third word. Is it a noun? If it is not, pick the first noun that comes after it.

And now think of how this thing could possibly help you to solve the problem that you are working on. This might seem random and ineffective, but it is really important that you stick to this one word and not try again to come up with a word that is more to your liking. This way, you lead your mind in ways that it would not have thought of itself, and can come up with solutions that are out of the box.

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There are many other kinds of exercises and steps for creative problem solving. I suggest you try some of them out and see how you can put them to work for yourself.

But there is another factor: you must be able to unlock the creative part of your brain. All these exercises will not do their job unless you can do that. They can help to stimulate this process, but there is no guarantee for that.

That is where hypnosis comes in. Because hypnosis is a way of directly communicating with the subconscious part of your brain, the part that is outside of your normal, conscious, rational thinking, it is one of the best ways to get your creative juices flowing and increase your creative problem solving abilities. When you dream, you have a powerful creative mind.

That is why dreams are so realistic – because our minds are capable of creating virtual worlds that are really lifelike. But in our conscious waking state, most of us are not able to tap into this creative potential. With the help of hypnosis, you can activate your creative mind and unleash it’s power into your creative problem solving abilities.

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