Fear of Heights Phobia

by Bob Walsh

Are you scared of heights? Well, you are surely not the only one. Psychological experts refer to the fear of heights phobia as acrophobia, and millions of people worldwide had to deal with it – including celebrities like Whoopi Goldberg, Isaac Asimov, Stanley Kubric, John Madden or Woody Allen.

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To a certain extent it is good to be scared of height – because it wouldn’t do you no good jumping around on the roofs of buildings and so on. Falling from high places can kill you, no doubt about that.

But there is a line that many people cross – between being reasonably careful and being irrationally scared and afraid.

Acrophobia Symptoms

People with severe cases can even get scared when they just think of high places. When they go up high they often feel that their body starts to shake and tremble, and they sweat. They may also have difficulty breathing, or feel dizzy or nauseous.

Sometimes their mouth goes and they get heart palpitations. They might feel sick and sometimes even have problems to speak or think clearly, and they might suffer from anxiety attacks.

Fortunately, a fear of heights phobia can be conquered.

Overcoming Fear of Heights

There are many approaches to do this. Most people simply try to remain calm and be cool and relaxed. They decide that they just want to slowly go up and not become afraid or scared. And while they might try to go up and expose themselves to some kind of height, they talk to themselves and remind themselves to remain cool and relaxed.

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Unfortunately, the part of our brain that we make decisions with and that we use to talk to ourselves is a rather small area on our neurological map.

There is a way more powerful brain area that can override everything else – all our decisions and ambitions and positive self-talk. This is the part of our brain where fear and panic originate.

And if you have a fear of heights phobia, then all the self-talk in the world won’t be able to protect you from anxiety.

There is medication for acrophobia – however, you should know about side effects, risks and the effectiveness (or lack of effectiveness) or using drugs to get over the fear of heights: first of all, it isn’t a cure or a solution – drugs can only temporarily make you not feel your fear.

The bad thing is – they have all kinds of side effects which can become a bigger problem than you being scared of heigh in the first place, especially when you use them not just once.

That is why I recommend fear of heights hypnosis – because with hypnosis, you can directly communicate with that part of your brain that is in charge of your fears and anxieties. And you can tell your brain to keep protecting you from the danger of high places, but to do so without having you be so scared and afraid.

Even one hypnosis session can already help you to reduce your fear of heights, and repeatedly listening to a hypnotic induction can help you to completely overcome acrophobia.

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