Caligynephobia & Gynophobia

by Bob Walsh

Gynophobia: the fear of women. Caligynephobia: the fear of beautiful women. While it’s true that most people are attracted to beautiful women, there are also many men who are really scared of women. Both of these fears are very related and we’ll use the terms interchangeably throughout this article, and in the coming minutes you are about to learn about causes and ways to stop being afraid of girls and women.

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If you currently have a girlfriend or wife, then you’re probably not scared of her, but you’re scared of other attractive women. But caligynephobia can still wreak havoc in your social and professional life. Other people will notice if you are uncomfortable around and intimidated by women.

But if you are currently single, then being afraid of women can be even more bad – because you won’t approach them, you won’t feel comfortable around them, and you won’t be able to build a relationship with them, and very few women are attracted to men who are scared of them.

Signs & Symptoms of Caligynephobia

Men who are afraid of women often experience a whole range of unpleasant emotions and sensations when they are interacting with women. The obvious signs of anxiety are common. Their hearts beat faster and more intensely. Their breathing patterns change

They often feel embarrassed or ashamed. Many times they get sweaty hands and feet, and sometimes their whole body perspiration increases (which can also make them more self-conscious of body odors).

Why Are Men Afraid of Women?

Some people think it’s about our modern society, that our modern values and social norms create make men fearful of women. But this has been around for a very long time already – it was also referred to as horror feminae. Some psychological historians believe that this fear might also have contributed to the witch-hunts of medieval Europa.

Sometimes men become afraid of women because of past experiences, maybe they witnessed a dominant woman in their childhood bullying a man. But there are at least as many gynophobic men who never had these negative experiences, so the truth is nobody knows for sure what the reasons for venustraphobia (yep, that’s another term for the same thing) are.

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How to Overcome the Fear of Women?

Well, you already made the first step. You acknowledged “I’m afraid of women”. Believe it or not, it takes bravery for a man to face that kind of truth.

And then you did the second step: you proactively searched for ways to overcome caligynephobia. That’s what brought you here, and you went through all the trouble of reading this website until this point.

Now there are many things you can do to stop being scared of women. In some cases the doing the Shine and Smile exercise that is used to deal with shyness and social anxiety can help.

Generally just forcing yourself to interact with women on a daily basis and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone step by step can help you to stop being scared of women. This is a method used in behavioral therapy that is called desensitization, and it works. The big disadvantage is that it’s slow and difficult, and in some cases it can backfire.

That’s why hypnosis for caligynephobia might be the best choice for you right now. First of all, you could use it minutes from now. Just download it, get comfortable and listen to it in a relaxed state of mind. (Btw. the relaxation that comes with hypnosis will help you to remain relaxed when in the company of attractive women too).

You can re-program your subconscious mind to stop being afraid, and start to feel comfortable even around very beautiful women. You will be able to be yourself and behave naturally, simply because your mind will have gotten over all those fears and anxious thoughts that plague you now.

Caligynephobia Hypnosis Download