Instant Inductions

by Bob Walsh

Instant hypnosis inductions look really impressive, and in fact it takes some practice to really master them. Basically all instant inductions are spin-offs of Milton H. Erickson’s pattern interrupt techniques, but they have been improved and perfected.

Watch the video below where hypnotist Tom Nicoli demonstrates an instant induction:

When you do an instant or rapid inductions (those two terms mean the same thing), you basically interrupt a mental pattern – you want to “catch” someone while their brain is on autopilot. For example, when you shake someones hand, or when you light a cigarette, a certain part of you goes on “auto-pilot” one the “shake a hand” or “light a cigarette” program starts. It’s just a few moments, and with instant inductions, timing is what it’s all about – you gotta jump in at the right moment and tell their brain to shut down. Watch how this Indian hypnotist does it.

If you want to learn more about instant inductions and get more detailed instructions, just sign up for your free hypnosis education above and ask questions if something isn’t clear to you.

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