Germ Phobia (Mysophobia)

by Bob Walsh

If you are afraid of germs, you are not alone – there are millions who suffer from germ phobia, also known as mysophobia. Maybe you are washing your hands all the time and constantly use antibacterial soaps and antiseptic gels to protect yourself from germs and bacteria.

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This is a very common condition, and the fact that large corporations are spending a lot of advertisement on dimensionalizing the threat that germs pose does not help to reduce the number of those who could be diagnosed with “mysophobia”.

In fact, this psychological issue is so common that it is known by a whole range of names: germophobia or germaphobia, or bacillophobia or bacteriophobia.

Of course, being clean is a good thing. Properly taking care of your body, good body hygiene, are good things.

But obsessively trying to kill all bacteria all the time, being anxious about the possibility that some virus might find its way into your system – that is not such a good thing.

Apart from the fact that it makes you appear weird to other people, it just takes so much out of your life. Because fear is in control, it is not you who is in control.

Maybe you are afraid of touching certain things because they could carry viruses. Some people even have to wipe their hands every time they touch something. Or they dislike shaking other people’s hands.

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What’s more, it is a tricky thing. Even though this fear that lies underneath it all is emotional, there are lots of ways to logically justify those fears, and in fact even amplify it. Because the more you read about germs, the more you learn about possible ways that they could cause you harm. But in reality of course, most people live their lives just well, despite the possible threats of bacteria.

There is a balance which you must find for yourself between protecting yourself from possible harm and danger, and being able to engage in and enjoy life. Otherwise, you might one day look back on a life that you have wasted trying to avoid germs and bacteria. And that would be a bitter regret, because in the end, life is much bigger and much more beautiful than that.

And, it is also a lot more resilient than those antiseptic cleaning gels and disinfectant advertisements would  make us believe. The fact that you are afraid of germs and bacteria simply shows that the danger of bacteria has been blown out of proportion. And it is important to take a step back and realize the bigger picture.

Being relaxed and at ease is a lot better than being anxiously worried – even from a health perspective. Because worries and emotional stress cause your immune system to weaken, while your body pumps its resources into the “survival” modules of the system.

A healthy body is able to defend itself against microbial attacks. Because there are so many good microbes and bacteria that live in and on your body.

It is much better if you focus on living a happy and healthy life, rather than single-mindedly trying to get rid of bacteria.

With hypnosis, you can eliminate your fear, and calm your worries about germs, and instead take a healthy, practical approach when it comes to protecting yourself against viruses.

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