How To Stop Being Lazy

It might seem surprising to you that many people come to me looking for advice on how to stop being lazy – after all, I’m a hypnotist, not a motivational speaker. However, hypnosis can be one of the most effective ways to overcome laziness.

The good thing when you’re looking for a way to stop laziness is that you’ve already completed the first step: you recognized and admitted that you are lazy. That’s a lot more than most lazy people are willing to do. Many come up with thousands of excuses that prevent them from admitting the simple fact that they are lazy. You’ve already conquered that hurdle – you recognize that justifications why you don’t get stuff done (and do the things you want & should to do) won’t help.

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Stop Procrastination

Procrastination is just another excuse for being lazy – it’s another way of saying: “I’m not really lazy, if I’d be lazy, I’d not do it at all. I will do it, yes, sure, just not right now.”

Putting things off is easy and comfortable. However, if you are a chronic procrastinator, that just means that you’re lazy, and it’s better to admit that than pretending to have a “procrastination problem”.

Common Advice To Stop Being Lazy

People will tell you should get more (or better quality) sleep, or lead a more active lifestyle. All these are well and fine, but in the end they are useless. Why? Because in order to take that advice to heart, you’d have to have your laziness problem solved already. It’s laziness that prevents you from executing the solutions to stop laziness.

That is just one reason why hypnosis is such a powerful tool if you want to become more disciplined and motivated. Because it sabotages your laziness and makes it easy and effortless for you to overcome it.

Your Inner Dialog

The voice inside your head can be your best friend or your worst enemy. If you are lazy, chances are that your inner dialog is everything but motivating. It’s probably motivating you to not do anything. There’s a huge difference between waking up in the morning and thinking to yourself: “Ahhh, the start of another exciting day, let’s see what great things await me today!” and hearing a voice in your head that says: “Ohhh… it’s so early… this pillow is sooo comfortable… my body feels so tired…. I don’t wanna get up…” One way of talking to yourself makes getting up fun, another way makes it a dreaded task.

Unfortunately, we have very little conscious control over our inner dialog. It’s something that happens subconsciously most of the time. Hypnosis is a great way to automatically alter your inner dialog effectively, so that it helps and supports you to become more energetic and decisive.

It’s Not About “Success”

In todays society, there’s often a huge pressure on each and every one of us to “succeed” – and society generally defines success as being a rich, influential, trendy, smart high-achiever. That’s well and fine. Some people love that lifestyle, they’re driven by that kind of stuff, they love to follow other people’s dreams.

But for you, moreso than what other people want for you, you should know what makes you happy and then go after it like a mad bulldog. Happiness and a great life are worth hard working for!

You have to start somewhere. Conquering laziness is not easy, and thousands fail to do so every day. However, with a little help from the other side of your mind, you can stop being lazy and start being full of energy and enthusiasm.

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