Hypnosis For Social Competence

by Bob Walsh

Here’s an article from a woman who wrote me her personal experience with hypnosis. She didn’t believed in the hypnosis mumbo-jumbo, but when she witnessed how her friend got from 4 packs a day to zero, she wondered if hypnosis could maybe help her with one of her own problems to: being “socially uneasy” and nervous around other people. So, without further redo, here’s her story…

I was recently introduced to the concept of hypnosis by a close friend of mine. She had visited a local professional and experienced some positive results. Her main issue was a serious addiction to smoking. I’ve been around smokers all my life but her four pack a day quota was becoming a health disaster in the making.

She had attempted to quit countless times with a variety of different methods but always returned to her old ways. One afternoon, we met for a drink and I was shocked to see her without a smoke. I pressed her for information and she mentioned hypnosis.

Being a total skeptic, I had a hard time believing that this method was really going to work. In fact I half expected to see her smoking again within a few days. Six months later she is still smoke free and feeling better than every!

After some consideration I decided I would make the call to find out if I could be helped. Over the past several years I’ve struggled to feel comfortable in large groups. Even the thought of going out with friends would make me nervous and uneasy. I had considered that maybe I was depressed or had another ailment that would require long term medication.

The thought of taking pills for the rest of my life is something that I would like to avoid if at all possible. I met with my hypnotist and explained my situation. We went over alterntive issues that may be affecting my ability to interact socially. Her questions were focused on narrowing down the root cause of my fears.

Our intial meeting took about an hour and I went home with some information about her services. The next day I did some additional research on hypnosis and decided to set up an appointment for the following day. Upon my arrival I got comfortable and laid on a comfortable table. I was informed that my visit was being recorded so that I could listen to my session regularly. My hypnotist began by telling me to relax and just listen to her voice.

She spoke in a tone that made me almost feel like I was floating. During my session she talked about the issues I wanted to address several times. After about 30 minutes I was told to wake up and felt instantly aware of my surroundings. Later that afternoon I returned home and listened to my recording while I did things around the house.

I was skeptical because I’m the type of person that wants instant gratification. What I found was that after a few weeks of listening to my recording I began to feel less nervous. In fact, a month after my appointment I was able to be more socially capable. I’m very pleased with the results of my hypnosis. Not only is the service very affordable, but it may help eliminate a bad habit or improve the quality of your life.

I would suggest that you put aside your skepticism and give this alternative method a try!

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