Think Big, Dream Big

If you want to achieve something in this world – if you want to make a difference and make money, then you will achieve so much more if you think big and dream big. But that is surprisingly difficult. Because it is not the same as just a wishful-thinking kind of daydreaming.

Think Big, Dream Big Hypnosis Download

It actually requires you to operate on a different mental level. It’s uncomfortable and inconvenient, and most of all; it can be really frightening.

What’s frightening about thinking big? Well, if you try it there are a lot of fears that will try to keep you small – some of these fears will be very obvious and out in the open. Other fears will be more hidden and concealed, creating “invisible walls” in your mind. Some people have a latent fear of success, some people are scared they will fail in front of others and make a fool of themselves, some people fear that they’re inadequate, that their ambitions are over their head, that they’ll just waste their life in a futile pursuit.

There are few people who go through the trouble to think big because it’s hard – you have to break through that invisible inner barrier that’s holding you in a very cozy and comfortable (but unrelenting) grip.

It’s also different because it requires an intense shift in your subconscious thinking. While it is a lot easier to kind of control your conscious thoughts, it’s a lot tougher with subconscious thoughts.

Think of a tree. Imagine you want to change the growth of that tree. Yes, you can prune the leaves and branches. But it is a lot more difficult to prune the roots, because – they are out of sight, and hard to reach, and you need to dig into the earth, but you need to do so without hurting the parts of the tree and root that are vital to the things you want to keep alive.

Hypnosis is the optimal method if you want to think big and dream big.

Think Big, Dream Big Hypnosis Download