Hypnotic Mind Reading

by Bob Walsh

Psychic mind reading is something that astonishes people. You either had a mind reading session yourself at one time in your life, or you know somebody who had one. Psychics are all over the world.

Psychics are able to tell you things that only you or really close friends and family members could tell you about yourself. They may even be able to tell you names of important person’s in your life, and events that happened in the past.

There are several kinds of contexts where hypnotic mind reading, or cold reading, is used: in Astrology, in card reading, in palmistry, in clairvoyance, in psychometry, aura-readings, and others.

Am I saying that all of these are fakes, that it’s all a load of B.S.? No, that’s not what I am saying. Because that would just be my personal belief – nobody can really KNOW it for certain. But, what I am saying is that I have watched and experienced and studied lots of people who claim to have some supernatural power or talent, and none of them stood the test of being real. All they did was use hypnotic mind reading. Maybe there are in fact people who possess these powers – but so far, I have not met a single one.

Oftentimes psychics are somehow able to pinpoint your character – to describe it, as if they’d really know you. However, there are very simple methods which they use to create that illusion. One of them is called the “rainbow ruse”. The medium makes a statement about you, a specific character trait of you, and it does it in a certain way that means BOTH that you have that trait, and that you don’t.

Example: “You get along with other people well and like to express your ideas and thoughts openly, but there are times when you prefer not to talk and keep quiet.”

Now, if it’s an extrovert person, then they will be able to identify that that easily, because extrovert people like to express their ideas and thoughts, but of course just like everybody, sometimes they don’t feel like talking.

But what if you are an introvert person? Maybe then you would disagree with that statement and say: “No, I really don’t get along with people well and am very expressive. I’m rather shy.” The medium might then answer: “That is exactly what I meant. You prefer not to talk, but if you’re close with people and feel comfortable around them and you’re engaged in conversation, you would like to share your thoughts openly express your ideas, don’t you?” This is also true for everybody. When we feel comfortable with another person, when we are familiar with them and we feel comfortable in that situation, then we like to express our ideas when we are engaged in a conversation. The statement above is made in the way it can mean two different things at the same time. That’s what’s called the rainbow ruse.

There are many more techniques like that, and the power lies into things. First, does the fact that the person visited the media went in search for answers and beliefs in, already puts things in their favor. Since people also pay the medium money, they actually do have a psychologically invested interest in confirming their beliefs. Otherwise, they would have to admit that they made a bad judgment, that they made a mistake when they chose their immediate. So the way, they would admit having failed themselves, not just medium having failed. in the second reason why these things are so powerful, because the combined effect of many different techniques. If you take just one technique and look at it in and of itself, it doesn’t seem pretty impressive. But it’s the combination of several of these techniques that makes it so powerful, that creates the impression that this is actually true.

In the following video, the famous magician and hypnotist Derren Brown talks about the methods that psychics use to create the illusion of supernatural powers and mindreading.

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