Hypnotic Voice – How To Develop Your Hypnotic Voice

by Bob Walsh

If you are a member of the Hypnosis Secrets Coaching, then you already know that hypnosis is not just about the words that you use. Yes, the words that you use to hypnotize someone do play a role, but at least 50% of the effectiveness of an hypnotic induction is about the tone of your voice, the command that you have over your tonality. If you want to successfully hypnotize another person, it is of vital importance that you develop your hypnotic voice.

hypnotic voice

But what exactly is an hypnotic voice?

The best hypnotic voice is a relaxed, calm, resonant deep voice. A voice that sounds both strong and powerful, yet at the same time gentle and caring.

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I`m sure you have heard hypnotic voices before. Some people just have naturally hypnotic voices. They might never have learned hypnosis, and they don’t even know that they have a hypnotic voice – it’s just their natural tone of voice.

Can you think of a person that you listen to, and you could just keep on listening because of the tone of their voice? Maybe some speaker on TV, or in the advertisements. Oftentimes, in movies, when there is a person in the background who is a storytelling, you will find that these people can have quiet hypnotic voices.

And it really makes a huge difference. You could use exactly the same words that a master-hypnotist uses to put somebody into a deep hypnotic trance, and you could repeat them word by word – but if your voice is lacking that hypnotic quality, your attempts will be futile. You will not succeed in putting a person into a trance, if you haven’t mastered your voice yet.

However – just because there are some people that have naturally hypnotic voices, does not mean that you can’t develop one too. There are specific steps and exercises to developing a deeper, more resonant voice. I will share some of them with you here:

  • stay relaxed
    You really have to be relaxed yourself in order to hypnotize another person. It’s a very specific kind of relaxation, where you have all your energies available to you, yet at the same time, the muscles of your body are very soft and pliable. There is no tension in your neck, your shoulders, your stomach, your chest, your buttocks, you legs, your hands or your face. You are balanced, at ease and totally relaxed. Even the miniature muscles inside your neck, throat and tongue are relaxed. This will make your voice sound very different, and a lot more pleasurable. At first, it’s difficult to attain that state, because we usually have subconscious tension patterns that are difficult to let go of.
  • good posture
    Posture is important too, because your body gives resonance to your voice. You want to stand upright, your head straight (but relaxed!), chin leveled
  • relaxed, deep breathing
    You want maximum oxygen circulation throughout your body, without forcing it. Too many people, learning to breath deeply, yet relaxed at the same time can take a while, but it is well worth it. Not just will your voice sound better, but it will be beneficial to your overall health too.
  • belly-balloon-breathing
    When you breathe in, imagine that you have a balloon in your belly, and every time you breathe in you fill that balloon with fresh air. Don’t just breath into your chest, but practice belly breathing for a more resonant voice.
  • breathe in through your nose
    Many people breathe in through their mouth, and it dries out their vocal cords. The reason why you have tiny hairs and mucus membranes in your nose is so that it moisturizes the air you breathe in. If you breathe through your mouth it’s kind of like holding a dry blower into your mouth and it will make your voice cracky.
  • and DON’T WHISPER. Whispering is one of the worst things you can do to your voice because it dries out your vocal cords even more than breathing in through your mouth does.
  • make sounds when you enjoy a good meal, a massage, or other pleasurable activities
    We’ve all been taught to “keep quiet” when enjoying things, but our natural inclination is usually to make sounds when we enjoy something. Sounds like “mmmhmm… uuuhh… ahhh…”. It is true that they are not socially appropriate in every situation – but when you are enjoying a good meal, deliberately start to make these sounds again. At first you might feel awkward, but once you get used to it, you will see that it actually enhances the pleasure that you derive from your meals. And it’s a great voice-building exercise, because it allows you to express yourself more freely and directly. Most people are held-back by the things they have been taught not to do.

These are just some ways to develop a hypnotic voice. If you haven’t signed up for the Hypnosis Secrets Coaching yet (which is totally free), then I suggest you do so now. In it, I share more step-by-step instructions and advice on developing a hypnotic voice, that will naturally incline people to listen to you and follow your suggestions more willingly.

hypnotic voice

This is not just something that will enhance your hypnotic abilities – it will really also improve the quality of your communication in every area of your life, be it friends, coworkers and colleagues, clients or relatives.

Most people are not aware of the fact that a resonant, hypnotic voice can make more of an impact than a Trump-style powersuit, a fancy car or a diamond ring. But you will see that the more you develop your hypnotic voice, the more differently people will react to you – in a very positive way.

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