Stop Being A Pervert

by Bob Walsh

If you want to become less pervert, then hypnosis can definitely help you. It can happen to everyone of us. What might have once started as a curious interest turns into obsessive sexual fantasies, and these fantasies become more and more hungry, more and more demanding. With each passing month, they seem to take over more of our thinking. It is as if we are addicted to certain perverted imaginations.

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We live in tolerant times, and things are talked about more openly these days. The internet caters to almost all kinds of likes and preferences. But just because you can find anything on the web, that doesn’t mean that everything is good for you.

Maybe you want to be “normal” again. Maybe you want to rediscover the joys and pleasures of “plain sex”. Because it really can be just as exciting as every abnormal, dirty little fantasy that one can come up with.

Maybe you have some kind of sexual fetish. There isn’t a single object in the world that isn’t the fetish of someone. I once treated a man who had a watermelon fetish (and I won’t go into detail explaining what he did with these watermelons – I stopped liking watermelons ever since that guy walked into my office and told me what was turning him on). Fortunately he’s over it now, but it just shows that people sometimes really have weird stuff going on in their heads. (And yes, I am aware that there is much more weird, perverted and “sick” stuff out there – but the purpose of this site is not to list them all, but rather to show you how you can overcome these erotic cravings).

There is no right or wrong when it comes to sex, as long as everyone involved is acting out of free will and nobody is forced to do anything. But if you feel that something that you do, or something that you fantasize about, is not what you want for your life, then you should be free to make the choice to stop it, and replace it with something that you would like better.

However, our minds are weird machines. They don’t always do what we want them to. They have a life of their own. That’s why hypnosis can be of such value. Because with hypnosis, you can get your brain to do the thing you want it to do. And if what you want to do is stop being a pervert, then you can use hypnosis to do just that and go back to a “normal” sex life – or just a more “mellow” and “mild” and “a little more innocent” version of your own personal kink. It’s up to you with what you feel happy and comfortable.

But realize that uncontrolled sexual fantasizing can turn into an addictive spiral, that can take over your life. When all that drives you every single day is to fulfill your perverted desires, than it will take a heavy toll of your life, and you should not allow that to happen.

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