What People Belief About Hypnosis

by Bob Walsh

This article was written by a friend of mine, whom I knew had an interest in hypnosis, but never experienced it herself and has never read a book on the subject. I asked her to write this article, because her beliefs, concerns and ideas about hypnosis are shared by many people, and when hypnotizing people it can make things a lot easier if you know where people are at. Understanding their belief systems helps a great deal. So, without further redo, here we go:

I find hypnosis fascinating. I have never been hypnotized myself because it scares me. I don’t want to do things that I am not making conscious decisions about. I like to have control over myself and my actions. I am also scared that the hypnotist will have me do something embarrassing or ridiculous.

I think it would be interesting to be hypnotized just so that I can find out if it really works. I would also be interested to find out how I react to being hypnotized. The only way I would know for sure if hypnosis really works would be to experience it myself. I went to a hypnosis show at my college several years ago. A friend of mine was chosen to be one of the participants. It was a really fun show.

The hypnotist had all of the participants doing all kinds of crazy things. One girl thought that they security guard was the love of her life. Another person thought that he had bees attacking him. At one point, all of the participants were convinced that they were on the stage naked. Some of them were really embarrassed and others didn’t care. In addition to being really entertaining, the show also made you think about your mind and your ability to control it.

Afterwards, I questioned my friend to try to find out if the hypnotist was legitimate. He claimed that he was really hypnotized. I never knew whether to believe him or not. The hypnotist might have chosen the people beforehand. There were some people who were chosen to participate who weren’t able to be hypnotized. It seems that you have to be open to the idea and believe in hypnosis for it to be able to work. Hypnosis isn’t only used for entertainment.

I have also seen hypnosis being used to help people lose weight or quit smoking. I have heard different opinions on this subject. Hypnosis has worked for some people and other people say it didn’t do anything to help. I think that it is probably because it depends on whether or not you believe in hypnosis and whether or not you believe it will work. It seems to be more of a mind-over-matter thing. Hypnosis is also used sometimes for therapeutic reasons.

Certain therapists use hypnosis to help their patients remember traumatic experiences. Oftentimes when a person has been through a traumatic event, he or she will block it from their mind because it is too painful to deal with. A therapist can use hypnosis to help the patient come to terms with what happened so that they can begin to heal. A therapist can also use hypnosis to call the patient and help them find ways to deal with their problems.

Police departments have used hypnosis as well. They have had hypnotists work with crime victims to help them remember what a perpetrator looked like or to remember the specifics of a crime. Again this is done because a victim can sometimes block the traumatic event from his or her mind. The hypnotist can help the victim remember specific events and details from the crime and this can help the police officers find the criminal.

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