Forensic Hypnosis

by Bob Walsh

Here some quick facts about forensic hypnosis:

  • specific kind of hypnosis that must ensure that only repressed memories are recovered, not false memories made up
  • not all states accept forensic hypnosis
  • forensic hypnosis should be recorded so that it’s possible to view afterwards if false memories might have been induced and to get additional hints regarding the recovered memories
  • There are three kinds of forensic witness:
    • Fact Witness: You did the investigative hypnosis interview & have to testify that you were called in, explain what procedures you used and what results you got.
    • Expert Witness: Someone else conducted the hypnosis interview & you just come in as an expert on hypnosis.
    • Consulting Expert: You have been called in to testify that the hypnosis interview was done right. You need documentation to show for it.
  • You must know the proper legal protocols.

More soon, if you have questions, please contact me.

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