Dealing With Fatigue

by Bob Walsh

Do you want to learn effective techniques for dealing with fatigue? Read this article to find out more about a 100% natural method, no medication or herbs required, to help get back your energy.

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Symptoms of Chronic Fatigue

Chronic fatigue can make itself felt in your life in many different forms. The most obvious one is of course a sense of tiredness, a lack of energy and drive. It can be both a psychological and physical feeling of exhaustion that makes even mundane and seemingly simple tasks seem overwhelming.

In some cases, the symptoms of chronic fatigue can include muscle pains and spasm, headaches and migraines, feelings of dizziness, flu-like symptoms, sensitivity to bright sounds, loud noises and many other symptoms.

One of the problem of chronic fatigue is that symptoms can become causes of further symptoms, and that’s why it is important to find effective ways of dealing with fatigue.

Getting Proper Sleep

You already know how important it is to get the right amount of good quality sleep. If possible, try to go to sleep around 10 PM, but not later than midnight. It is universally true that your body will get the best rest in the night hours when it’s dark – that is the way our human bodies, and in general the bodies of mammals have evolved.

If you habitually go to sleep too late, or wake up at night, making this change is not something that will happen quickly. Think of it as training yourself to sleep at night. It is something that you might have to make an effort in order to successfully establish it, and at times it might seem as if your body is playing this game against you.

Gearing Up Mind Power

Fatigue is a real condition, and not just a fancy kind of laziness – even though some people who haven’t experienced it seem to think so. At the same time, medical scientists now know that both your conscious and your subconscious mind do play a role in your physiological state. It is literally true that the way you think influences the functioning of your body.

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Every single thought that you think has an impact on your body  – in fact, it even restructures your brain. Your brain is constantly remaking itself to a certain extent. And it is causing glands to produce and release certain kinds of chemicals and substances into your bloodstream, that in turn effect how you think, feel, and your levels of energy.

Hypnosis For Fatigue

Hypnosis can help you to more effectively deal with fatigue because of several reasons. One reason is that it will help you to truly relax – because paradoxically, people who suffer from fatigue seldomly experience true relaxation, even though they might seemingly be doing nothing or seem to “just relax”.

Think of a computer, when you have 20 different programs running in the background – it can start to work very slow, hang, and it might only react to mouse movements or key strokes with a large time delay. But this is not because the computer is “lazy” – it’s because it’s overworked and strained. What needs to be done in these cases is to close each open program and shut down the system and start it again. Hypnosis can in this way function as a “reset button”.

Another reason why hypnosis works is because it can help you to realign your subconscious mind to supporting an effective management of energy resources.  To learn more about the effects of hypnosis for fatigue, click the following link.

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