Fear of Cats (Ailurophobia)

If you have a fear of cats, then this is something that a lot of people find rather amusing. After all, what is there to be scared about, it is just a lovely pet right?

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Well, it doesn’t matter how other people look at it, or even how you yourself think about it – because fear is something that is much stronger than thoughts and conscious reasoning. It’s a gut feeling, a powerful emotion. And a cat phobia doesn’t come from your head, it is just the same as other kinds of phobias that can’t be countered with common reasoning, but require proper treatment.

Hypnosis is probably the most effective way to overcome your fear of cats. Because you can easily get rid of that fear once and for all.

No matter what you are afraid of. Maybe you are afraid that a cat might jump at you, scratch you, maybe you are afraid that it might bite you or that it might cause an allergic reaction, or you have superstitious beliefs about a cat, or a cat might just cause you an unexplainable sense of fear – whatever it is, it is not necessary to life with it. In fact, it is limiting you, making you uncomfortable in certain situations, or maybe even causing you to avoid visiting people who you would otherwise like to visit. Behavior like this can have a toll on your friendships and relationships. And that is just not worth it.

What’s more, it is a rather difficult fear to have, because few people understand it. Afraid of dogs? Yes, that is quite common. After all, a dog can indeed bite an harm. Afraid of snakes? Makes total sense. Even mice. But cats? Aren’t they just cute?

You will not get many people to understand, and you’ll notice a distinct lack of empathy for that condition. In fact, cat owners might even become righteous about it.

But cat phobia is not so uncommon – even the great military strategist Napoleon Bonaparte, the Roman emperor Julius Cesar, Alexander the Great, and Ghengis Khan were afraid of cats. All people that one isn’t inclined to call “cowards”.

This condition is known among experts as ailurophobia, and the good thing is that you can overcome it.

With hypnosis, you can detach strong emotions from memories you might have about cats. But even if you have no special memories about cats, you can essentially dissolve your fear of cats the way you can dissolve instant coffee in water.

Imagine how good you would feel if you have already gotten rid of ailurophobia and could be totally relaxed and unimpressed around felines.

You could also try a traditional treatment, where the patient first practices on touching various kinds of velvet, then a toy cat and then a real cat. This is based on the theory of desensitization, and it does work – but it takes a lot of time and can cost a lot of money.

Hypnosis against fear of cats is great because it allows you to simply listen to a prerecorded hypnosis induction whenever you have the time and feel comfortable.

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