Stop Masturbation Addiction

You’re about to discover how to stop masturbation addiction with a nifty little trick of your mind. Because playing fair doesn’t always work when masturbation has become a problem for you. It’s more important that you get results. In this article you’ll find out more about the neuroscience of masturbation addiction, and a simple but effective step-by-step method.

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First of all, understand that masturbation is not a bad thing. In fact, it is a completely normal human behavior, even though some religions might consider it sinful.

But, masturbation can really become a problem when you do it too much. When masturbating causes you problems, when you watch porn on a regular basis, when you often feel compelled to masturbate, then all of those are indicators that it really is time to do something.

You can get addicted to masturbation whether you are a man or a woman, a boy or a girl – people of all sexes and ages can fall prey to it.

And if you ever thought to yourself: “I really should stop masturbating.” Then that’s a sure sign. Because if you made the decision to stop masturbating so much, but you still do it, then it is out of control and some part of yourself has already recognized it.

Excessive masturbation can lead to all kinds of problems. Not blindness, or hair on your hands or anything like that. But rather loneliness, social anxiety, low self-esteem and low energy levels.

What’s Happening In Your Brain When You Masturbate?

Well, everytime when you feel sexual excitement and have an orgasm during masturbation, your brain releases a chemical substance called dopamine. Dopamine is a reward neurotransmitter – that means it’s your brains way of motivating you to engage more in the action that preceded the release of dopamine: that means, it reinforces your masturbation habit.

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Apart of that it also releases serotonin ((5-hydroxytryptamine)), which is often called the “happy hormone” because it influences our sense of well-being. It also helps to regulate sleep (that’s why can’t you fall asleep if you masturbate too much, or why you need to masturbate in order to sleep well – a paradoxical effect), learning and emotions, so it pretty much affects all areas of our lives.

When your brain repeatedly produces excessive amounts of serotonin because of masturbation, not only does it dampen your enjoyment of sexual experiences, but all kinds of fun experiences will seem more dull: meeting friends, watching a movie, dancing, socializing.

Masturbation also causes your brain to release more oxytocin and epiphrenine.

This causes real, physical changes in your brain. It alters the connections between your brain cells (neurons) so that in the future you are more likely to feel compelled to masturbate again.

Neuroplasticity is the scientific term for your brain’s ability to change and alter it’s structure – and it’s a good thing when it comes to learning and to adapting to new environments. But it can also be a problem in the case of this addiction, because it creates a compulsive loop, in short: masturbation reprograms your mind (in a negative way).

Because frequent masturbation causes your brain to release excessive amounts of these chemicals, you develop a tolerance for them. All of these chemicals are actually good for you, and your body produces them! They are natural “feel good” chemicals. But when your brain releases too many of them too often, it develops a dependency, and instead of wanting to feel good you need to feel good, and this need turns into a craving, an addiction.

Why Is Porn Bad For The Brain?

Porn is bad for the brain because it combines a couple of very powerful elements together. First of all, there is extreme pleasure. Not extreme pleasure isn’t of course dangerous – but it is a powerful agent of causing neuroplastic change in the brain.

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Whenever you experience something that is extremely pleasurable, your brain remembers what caused this pleasure and makes you want more of it.

It’s basically highjacking the dopamine reward system of your brain: that’s the stuff addictions are made out of. You will experience a loss of control and over time develop a tolerance – which means that you need ever increasing intensity of stimulation to get the same feeling of satisfaction.

Scientists now better understand what makes porn addictive. The more often you watch porn, the more addictive it can get.

When you watch porn, your brain starts to produce a protein called AFosB, and this protein accumulates in your neurons.  The more often this happens, the more AFosB your brain produces. Until the AFosB in your neurons reach a critical point; then, they start to affect which genes are turned on or off.

This in turn leads to changes in the brain that persist for a long time – and in fact make you more prone to addiction in general. That is why it’s so hard to get rid of a masturbation addiction by conventional means.

At some point, your brain starts to crave masturbation because it wants to be satisfied – but it never is satisfied, it always wants more and more. It makes you require constantly increasing stimulation to receive the same effect.

Men who are addicted to masturbating also often suffer from premature ejaculation or a weak erection, and they aren’t able to satisfy their sex partner because of it.

Why Do People Masturbate?

You might also want to ask yourself: “Why am I doing this in the first place?” There is a reason why you are doing it, and it is not just that it feels good.

Oftentimes people who masturbate too much have a low sense of self-esteem – and the more they do it, the lower their self-esteem sinks.

So what can you do?

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Well, one thing – realize that you don’t have to stop masturbation forever. You shouldn’t say: “I will never masturbate again in my life.” It’s not that masturbation is somehow a bad thing. Just do it (a lot) less.

There is a lot of advice on stopping masturbation. People will tell you to get rid of your porn collection if you have one. Or to install a porn-blocker on your own computer with a password that you can’t remember (like a random string of numbers and letters) and use a password recovery email that you can not access either. Or to do exercise to get rid of the excessive energy and fall asleep faster.

But the thing is: it is not that easy to stop porn addiction. It’s almost kind of like a constant struggle where you fight against your own impulses and feelings. That’s not easy.

So what can you do?

You probably made the decision to stop masturbating already many, many times, yet, you did it again and again. And every time you do it again after telling yourself that you won’t, it impacts your self-esteem again and makes you feel ashamed and maybe even feel guilty.

Obviously, it’s not enough to “decide” to stop it.

You don’t have conscious control over your self-pleasing behavior. So you need a little help from the other side of your mind: your subconscious mind.

And that’s the nifty little trick I have been talking about. With the help of stop masturbation hypnosis, you can “reprogram” your mind easy to stop masturbation addiction and instead engage in more useful and productive behaviors.

How Masturbation Affects Relationships

As already mentioned, excessive masturbation in man often leads to premature ejaculation (PE). Thus, women are left unsatisfied and disappointed, while man become insecure because of their lack of ability to perform.

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Both men and women who masturbate excessively often tend to become more indifferent towards other people (partners, family, friends) because of chemical imbalances it causes in the brain, which make all kinds of positive experiences less pleasureful.

Statistics show that an “obsessive interest in pornographic websites” plays a role in 56% of all divorces in the USA.

Enlarged Prostate (benign prostatic hyperplasia or BPH)

If you’ve masturbated too much for too long of a time, then you constantly expose your body higher levels of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). This causes an enlarged prostate. If you masturbate less and want to do something good for your prostate, you could try saw palmetto – a natural herb that has helped many men, even though the scientific evidence about its effectiveness isn’t conclusive.

Common symptoms of an enlarged prostate are:

  • dribbling at the end of urinating
  • difficulty urinating
  • slow or delayed start of urinating
  • a weak urine stream
  • after urinating it doesn’t feel as if the bladder is empty, but no more pee comes out either
  • having to urinate often, also at night
  • incontinence
If untreated over a long time, it can also lead to serious health problems such as urinary tract infections (common symptom: blood in urine) and even surgery might be necessary to enable urine flow.

Joint & Muscle Pains?

If you often have aching joints or your muscles feel painful – this also is a common symptom. Why? Because your body produces too much prostaglandin. Think of prostaglandin as a kind of messenger molecule that influences pain and inflammation.

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Many people also notice a link between masturbation and knee pain or lower back pain. While there isn’t a scientific explanation as to why the knees or the lower back are more often affected, in traditional Chinese medicine there are writings about this phenomenon that go back hundreds of years, so it seems to be a phenomenon that’s prevalent in many cultures.

Can’t Concentrate?

Even your mental focus and your ability to concentrate are affected. A foggy mind and a lack of ability to think sharply are common symptoms – this is also a side effect of the dopamin- & serotonin imbalances created by indulgent masturbation.

There are many things you can do to increase concentration, but if you’re addicted to masturbating, then this is where you should start, as it alters your brain chemistry – the foundation upon which all mental processes depend.

Feeling Tired And Fatigued?

Sexual exhaustion is another price you pay. This habit can really drain you of your energy and reduce your motivation and drive. Maybe that’s why so many people who are addicted to masturbation often notice that they perform less well in other areas of their life too.

Dandruff? Hair Loss? Scalp Problems?

Another way how excessive onanism can manifest itself negatively in the body is by causing scalp problems like dandruff or hair loss. This is because the excessive DHT your body produces can get “stuck” in your think scalp skin.

Feeling Bored, Indifferente And Detached?

Yet another effective of masturbating too much is that everything else kind of becomes more dull and boring and uninteresting. Interactions with other people become less engaging, both emotionally and intellectually. This can make you a loner. Do you sometimes just don’t know what to say when you meet people? Or you feel as if you have to kind of artificially react because you don’t know what’s appropriate? Well, these are emotional things – and in a normal wired brain it’s clear how you respond, and you don’t need to “think” about how to react to an everyday normal situation.

All the chemicals that are released in your brain when you masturbate that make you feel good – these chemicals are what give life it’s zing. And your body and brain create a connection between the things that cause the release of dopamine, serotonin, norepiphrenine and oxytocin.

Particularly oxytocin is an important hormone when it comes to relating to and bonding with other people. But your masturbation habits have thrown your oxytocin levels out of balance, then they can’t fulfill that function properly anymore.

What’s the Difference Between Masturbation And Have Sex?

Some people say that masturbation is exactly the same like having sex, only that instead of a sex partner you do it alone.

But that is just wrong.

Masturbation is fundamentally different from having sex with a partner even on a neuro-physiological level, and it affects your brain and health in a different way than sex with a partner does.

Did you ever try to tickle yourself? Then you know that it’s not possible to tickle yourself with your own fingers, even if you are a ticklish person. Because being tickled requires an element of unexpectedness, but when you make tickling movements yourself, it’s not unexpected and thus your brain doesn’t make you feel tickled.

Also the hormone oxytocin for example creates a feeling of bonding – when you have that feeling with fellow human beings, it helps to enhance the quality of your relationships. But when you masturbate, there is no one there with whom you can bond – you’re on your own. And when you have that “bonding experience” often with yourself and your own sex organs, then in the future when you feel a need (which is a basic human need that every healthy individual has) for company, it will activate the same neuronal networks that were involved in masturbating – and thus, you will compelled to feel masturbate in order to overcome a feeling of loneliness – which in turn will just make you feel even lonelier.

Questions? Comments? Tips?

If you have comments or questions regarding how to stop masturbating so much, please share them below. (You can use a fake name and your email address will be kept secret).

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Mike June 3, 2012 at 4:50 pm

Does masturbation cause self consciousness? Ever since my teenage years I’m very self-conscious. Might be because I masturabte a lot?

Hypnotist June 4, 2012 at 7:16 am

Hi Mike,
many people who masturbate a lot are also very self-conscious. I think one of the reasons is that when we first started masturbating it was something secretive, we had to hide it because we didn’t want family members to “walk in on us” while we were doing it. So we had to be very conscious about the sounds we made, and be aware of whether someone was about to enter the room, and so on, all the time while we had this intensely pleasurable experience. If you’ve read the part about the neuroscience of masturbation in the article about, then you know about dopamin and serotonin etc that get released, so it really is a “peak state” for your brain, a kind of high energy state – and it does influence the way you think and feel afterwards.
Try masturbating less and do things that help you to become more confident at the same time, and I’m sure you’ll see that you’ll feel more at ease in social situations.

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