How hypnosis against panic attacks helped her to succeed as an actress

Former Bond-girl Joanna Lumley, who is now one of Britain’s biggest TV celebrities, didn’t start out with a silver spoon in her mouth. Back in the early stages of her acting career, she went through some tough times and had to struggle to make ends meet.

What’s more: she was plagued by panic attacks so intense that she was afraid of going insane.

Just to give you an example of the kind of anxieties she had to deal with: when she was acting on stage, she hallucinated people in the audience pointing guns at her, and she was always ready to dodge a bullet.

Looking back on this, it might seem like a funny story, but for her it wasn’t at all. It was seriously putting her professional life at risk – as well as her private life.

She was afraid of entering shops, going to public places, standing by the window, because she had this constant fear of being assassinated.

It’s hard to imagine the horrors she went through every single day with those kinds of fears, and she regularly experienced panic attacks.

One of the worst things about panic attacks is that they’re kind of self-triggering: when you feel a bit anxious, you start to be afraid that this is another panic attack in the making. And then it becomes of course a kind of self-fulfilling prophecy, it feeds itself on more fear, anxiety and panic, till it pushes you literally to the edge of sanity.

She tried all kinds of things to cope with her fears, but what ultimately did it for her was hypnosis against panic attacks.

She is just one of many people who successfully overcome anxiety and panic attacks with the help of hypnotherapy. Ultimately, these kinds of fears are always triggered and amplified by the subconscious mind. Fear is one of the most intense emotions we are capable of experiencing – and it can hijack our brain with all our good ideas and thoughts and well-laid out concepts. No matter how smart and intelligent we are, fear can erase our IQ in the blink of an eye and throw us back into an earlier evolutionary stage when we were largely driven by instincts and impulses.

Our brains have evolved so much since these ancient times – but the parts that were there first are still hold neurological dominance. And partly for a reason, it’s not really a design flaw: these parts are important for our very survival. Yet, in our modern society, actual, real, physical survival is seldom the issue – the things that we’re often afraid of aren’t actually that scary. But we’re still hardwired to experience fear, and if we associate the wrong triggers in our environment with intense states of fear, things get out of hand.

That’s why hypnosis against panic attacks is so powerful – because it helps us to better cope with it all and to normalize our fear responses. Instead of a cycle of panic feeding on fear, this hypnosis download can help your subconscious mind to stop for just a moment and evaluate whether this is a reasonable or purposeful reaction – and your subconscious mind will most often decide that it’s not, and simply stop it and help to calm you down.

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