Stop Negative Thinking

It’s not easy to stop negative thinking. Many people have tried it many times and failed. It’s funny, because one could expect that it should be easy. After all, there’s nothing that’s hindering us from doing so, right? Nobody is holing us back. There is no wall to climb, no law against, no ocean to cross that prevents us from giving up negative thoughts. Yet, it’s so difficult. Why?

It’s because negative thinking is caused by a part of ourselves that is pretty much outside of our conscious control. It’s the automated thoughts that manifest our negativity. Automated thoughts are thoughts that are habitual and happen quickly. Very quickly. In fact, they are so fast that we don’t even notice them consciously. It’s kind of like a magicians trick.

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Your mind can be divided into two parts: the conscious mind, and the subconscious mind. Your conscious mind is the one that you are in control of. The conscious mind is that one that keeps you reading this article, because you decided to read it. The subconscious mind is what keeps your heart beating at this moment, even if you don’t think of it. It’s this mind that keeps you breathing in and out even if you sleep. It’s also this part of your mind where most of the information that’s stored inside your brain resides. The conscious mind is like a spotlight that can highlight certain things that are in your subconscious mind. So your subconscious mind is really a lot more powerful and has a lot larger capacities. But it’s sometimes not so easy to deal with, because, sometimes, what it thinks is best for you, is not necessarily what you think is best for you.

If you’ve already recognized that negative thinking is something that is holding you back from living that life that you want to live, then that’s great. It’s that first, crucial step that you need to take in order to get where you want to get. But the hard part is now actually changing your thought patterns. And your conscious mind can only do so much. In a battle of the minds, it’s like you trying to step into a boxing ring with Mike Tyson – you’re facing a much more powerful opponent.

So, yes, you can try to win this battle David vs. Goliath style. But it will be a lot easier, and your chances of succeeding will be a lot bigger if you do it in a different way. Rather than attacking Goliath and turning him into your opponent, make him a friend of yours that helps you to achieve what you want to achieve. Rather than fighting your subconscious mind, simply make it stop your negative thinking for you. It’s the difference between swimming upstream and swimming downstream. One will exhaust you quickly. The other one will get you far.

That’s where hypnosis comes in. It’s a powerful tool to communicate with the subconscious part of your mind. With hypnosis, it’s easy to stop negative thinking quickly. Because you can simply change your automated thoughts, almost the way you can change certain words in a word processing software with the “find and replace” command. Find the negative automated thoughts, and replace them with positive ones.

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