Travel Phobia Treatment

by Bob Walsh

Even though travelling is such an enjoyable experience for most people, some of us are afraid of travelling. And it should come as no surprise – because there is much more to other countries and cultures than just beautiful sandy beaches and interesting historical sites. And that is exactly what can cause a travel phobia.

Overcome Your Travel Phobia

It is not even so much a fear of flying on an airplane – but rather the fear of all the many things that could go wrong on a journey in a country where the common code of conduct is different, maybe even the language, the food, the rules of social behavior, the laws and so on. These differences can be fascinating to explore, but they can also make us feel fear.

You could just avoid traveling all together and stay where you are for the rest of your life. This might be a comforting thought, but most people to have the impulse to explore somewhere inside of them. Or they are required to travel for their job or because of other responsibilities. And that is why finding a travel phobia treatment that really works is a good idea.

When you lose your fear of travelling, you don’t have to start on a journey around the world. But just knowing that you are free to travel and not locked in by your own fears and worries will make such a big difference in your life – you will be less afraid in all kinds of areas of your life. More self-confidence and a calmer mind will be your rewards, not just when it comes to travel, but to all areas of life. Because it is a practice in building up courage.

Overcome Your Travel Phobia

There are literally hundreds of things one could worry about when going on a journey. For example, let’s take the food. Many countries do not have the same kind of hygiene standards as ours – so one could be worried about food poisoning issues. And then there are scam artists who specialize in cheating tourists who are not familiar with a country – you could fall pray to such a scam artist and lose a lot of money. In some countries, all kinds of criminality exists and the legal system isn’t strong. Or you might just unintentionally offend someone, because you do something that is considered rude in their culture, but you just didn’t know about it. Or you could get lost and not find your way home. Or robbed. Or catch some dangerous virus and fall ill. Or you might be late for a train or a flight and then would have to pay again for another ticket. And on, and on, and on… there are so many things to take care of when traveling, and so many things that could go wrong – no wonder some of us have a fear of travel.

Hypnosis can help you to overcome your fear of traveling. Because it is not a rational fear. You know that for every potential problem that travel poses, there is a way to prevent it or solve it. Just getting a travel guide book in advance and reading the foreign embassies travel announcements will already get almost all of them out of the way. If you are afraid of traveling, irrational thoughts and worries have taken over, because really, you have the intellectual capacity to deal with all the little challenges that travelling can throw at you.

Overcome Your Travel Phobia