Hypnosis Scripts

by Bob Walsh

Hypnosis scripts are really helpful for hypnotists who want to use them to widen the spectrum of hypnotic language patterns and induction techniques. In general, we don’t recommend that you use hypnosis scripts to hypnotize other people if you aren’t already trained in hypnosis. (You can get started learning the basics of hypnosis in our free hypnosis email course).

There are more than 800 hypnosis scripts for common topics like smoking cessation to rare and specific scripts for people who want to eat more vegetables or hypnosis scripts for children.

Download The Hypnosis Script You Need

The hypnosis scripts are carefully crafted and based on principles of instructional design – meaning, they are formatted in a way that helps you intuitive and consciously grasp what parts of the hypnotic script matter, where embedded commands are located, and so on.

Who created the scripts?

These scripts are created by professional, licensed hypnotherapists with years of experience.  Four experienced hypnotists work on each download, making sure that it adheres to their high quality standards. These are the hypnotists behind the biggest hypnosis site in the world and they’ve already provided more than 500,000 hypnosis downloads and have hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers.

Hypnosis Scripts Downloads