Sales Motivation

by Bob Walsh

Being in sales can be tough.  How do you build your sales skills and close deals? How do you make more money by helping your prospects make the right buying decision? How do you overcome objections that stand in the way between you and a successful sale? But the most difficult part for many is to be comfortable with rejection and to stay motivated.

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Success in sales depends on being able to navigate any selling situation.

Dealing With Objections

One of the things that almost every sales person hates are objections. If you’re in sales, objections are as much part of the job as heat is part of the job for a cook. There are actually pretty straightforward strategies for overcoming objections, and you find them in every decent sales book. But even if you know the sales techniques, you still need to have the right mindset, because otherwise people will not believe in what you say, prospects won’t trust you.

Sales & Rejection

If there is one thing salespeople like less than objections, it’s sales rejection. Especially if you’ve got your hopes up high, it all looks like this time you’re going to close the deal – and then the person just slams the door in front of you, telling you “no”, or even worse: “I’m going to think about it.”

But the trick really is in your mindset. If you’re emotionally invested into a certain outcome and then that outcome doesn’t happen, the disappointment can drain you of your motivation. And then it’s just a case of going through the movements.

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Going through the movements might help you to make enough money to get a long – but it’s no way to reach success in sales.

Want to know how to become a salesperson? A really successful salesperson? It’s 10% skills, and 90% drive. Everybody can learn the skills, but most people are too complacent and lack the ambition to really succeed in sales.

Sales mastery happens when you have the right attitude, when you’re loaded with sales motivation.

Think of it as a tennis game: not every time you hit the ball you score a point – but you’re not disappointed about that, as long as you get the ball over the net. You know that you can score with every hit. That’s the game! That’s why you’re playing it!

Of course, you always try. You want every hit to be a score. But you know that’s not how it works. And if you’d play with someone who plays tennis so badly that you’d actually score with every hit you do, it would be boring – you could be playing with a wall!

As long as the ball bounces back to you, you just hit it again.

And you need that kind of sales attitude.

But how do you change your attitude?

We like to think of ourselves as rational being, we like to think that we are in control of ourselves. But the truth is: we often aren’t. That’s why so many people keep smoking when they know it’s bad for them. That’s why so many overweight people keep eating the wrong foods even when they want to lose weight. It’s because of unconscious attitudes and habits, because of emotional needs and psychological desires.

Hypnosis can help you to get into a deeply relaxed state of mind where you are susceptible to suggestions. The sales motivation hypnosis download will then help you to look at sales, objections and rejections in a different light. You will actually enjoy sales conversations, you will be happy to engage and interact with prospects, it will be fun, because really, at a fundamental level we are social beings and our brains thrive on communication. Sales is simply targeted communication – and if you rediscover the joy of selling, you will sell a lot more, be a lot happier and feel more fulfilled.

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