Developing Intuition

Do you want to develop your intuition? Intuitive thinking isn’t something that is particularly valued in our modern society. In fact, it’s pretty much neglected by many people. Parents don’t want their kids to become artists or musicians; they want engineers and doctors. But this paradigm is slowly changing, because the ability to make intuitive decisions and develop creative ideas is one of the most valuable assets  in our modern information society.

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Our school system doesn’t encourage intuition – in fact, it stifles it. We’re not taught to understand and use our intuition to advance in life. And this suppression of intuition creates a  ”head-dominant” lifestyle, where there is a conflict between our intuitive self and our intellectual self.

Logic is how you know reality – but intuition is how you experience it. And both are important, both matter, both are useful.

Intuition can help you to learn faster and achieve truly mastery in any given field – even such seemingly “left-brain” activities like programming computer code require intuitive insight if performed at a very high level. The Flow-state which Mihály Csíkszentmihályi described can be most easily accessed if you involve your intuition in a task.

Intuition ≠ Emotion

Many people confuse  emotional and intuitive judgments. When you make an emotional judgement, the problem is that your perceptions often get distorted by the intensity of the emotion. Intuitive judgments on the other hand happen when you are relaxed and your mind is calm like a clear mountain lake.

The Science of Intuition

From a scientific perspective intuition is experience put into practice. It’s about very advanced pattern recognition abilities, a sense of higher perceptive ability.

There is no explicit knowledge on which intuition is based – in fact, where intuitive insights come from remains kind of a mystery.

Develop Your Intuition Hypnosis Download

There is a common misconception. People think intuition is the opposite of logic, and thus they believe that intuition must be irrational. But intuition and logic are not opponents – they are simply different ways of accessing reality. It’s when your intuition and your logical mind are in a state of harmonious balance that you function at your best.

With hypnosis access a deep state of inner relaxation and learn to tune into your inner voice.

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Develop Your Intuition Hypnosis Download