Lazy Too Exercise? Inactivity Kills As Many People As Smoking Says New Study

A new study shows that inactivity causes about as many deaths every year as does smoking. The study, which has been published in the well-respected scientific journal The Lancet estimates that 5.3 million people die each year because they don’t engage in enough physical activity.

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This is quiet a shocking revelation, because it shows that people shouldn’t just be aware of the benefits of physical exercise, but also of the dangers of not being active.

How Much Should You Exercise?

The absolute minimum amount of exercise you get should be 150 minutes by week.

It’s an interesting paradox that while so many people are fanatically interested in professional sports – pro-athletes are among the highest paid people in the world, often earning millions of dollars every year. It’s almost as if your brains crave physical activity so much that we at least want to watch it if we don’t do it.

You don’t need fancy equipment or even a gym membership to get physically active. Although if you have any of that, it’s great. But all you really need is the motivation to exercise!

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