Tony Robbins Firewalkers Burned

Tony Robbins is probably one of the most well-known faces in the world of personal development. One of the things he has done for years in his workshops are hot coal walks – people walking barefoot over hot, burning coals. We’re talking about temperatures of 1,200 to 2,000 degrees.

Common sense would say that this can’t be done – or at least not without injury. But every year people do it.

This year however, 21 people got burned during a motivational seminar in San Jose.

So why is it that some people get burned during a firewalk, while others don’t? Why is it that some people feel pain, while others don’t? Why is it that some people get blisters after firewalking, while others don’t?

It’s not because of physiological differences. It’s because of psychological differences.

It’s about being able to shift your state of consciousness. It’s about being able to focus and concentrate.

It’s about being able to relax and let go.

It’s about putting yourself in a hypnotic trance state.

One of the best ways to train this is actually not by running over burning hot coals.

It’s by getting to know hypnosis in an entertaining and fun way.

The best way to develop greater mind power is not to forcefully try to train your mind, but instead to practice a playful attitude, and use childlike imagination.

Willpower is not an effective tool when you want to train your mind to enter deep states of relaxation.

You can’t coerce your subconscious mind to relax. Instead, it’s about being able to playfully direct the flow of consciousness and awareness.

And one of the best ways to do this is this fun self-hypnosis starter kit.

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