Positive Mindset Hypnosis

by Bob Walsh

If you would ask me what is the most important thing that you can do in order to improve the quality of your life, I will always say: create and cultivate a positive mindset.

Now, don’t jump overboard yet. I’m not talking about optimists being happier, and seeing the glass half full. I don’t want to serve you some reheated pop psychology dish.

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But I want you to realize how important your mindset is for yourself. It’s like a navigating system for your subconscious mind. And that means that it’s a navigating system for your life. If you have a good navigating system and know how to use it, you can get anywhere you want.If your navigation system is broken off faulty then even if everything else is perfect, you won’t reach your destination.

technically, the glass is always full. Filled half with water and half with air

Ask anyone who succeeded big in life. They will tell you how important your mindset is, and how little they can’t stand people with a negative mindset being around them.

It is extremely important to be positive.

How To Get Out Of A Negative Mindset

There are two challenges that prevent many people from developing and maintaining a positive mindset.

The first one is: not actually realizing that you don’t have to positive mindset, but thinking that you have a positive mindset when you really are drowning in negative thoughts.

You see, for people with a negative mindset, thinking positively is a skill that hasn’t been developed. And to them and their way of thinking is just normal. They do not realize that they are in a negative mindset until they experience a positive mindset against which they can compare the normal state of being.

So there has to be some method that can keep people out of the negative mindset for at least a short period of time, so that they get that reference experience that they need in order to understand and realize that they actually do not yet have a positive mindset.

The second obstacle that stands in the way between you and your positive mindset is actually creating and maintaining positivity, once you realize that you don’t have it yet.

Build A Positive Mindset Hardcore Style

You can do it the boot camp way, by standing in front of the mirror for hours and telling yourself positive things. And doing that for weeks and months and months. And always watching your thoughts every moment and making sure that you have a positive outlook on life.

Make it a daily habit to read some inspiring quotes and watch positive motivational videos. Everyday there is so much negativity around us: just switch on the news on TV or read a paper, most of it is about negative things, wars, scandals, a bad economy, problems…

Always having your negative thoughts radar on, every time it makes ‘beep’, every time it detects a negative thought, you’ll make the conscious decision to step in and fix that thought. But believe me, this is really difficult to do.

That’s why positive mindset hypnosis is so great. In fact, hypnosis does have the means to provide people with that new reference point that they need, that shows them what a positive mindset is like and feels like. In the hypnotic state you can create realities that are modeled after the realities of different people. So for a person with a negative mindset that means that they can experience the mindset of a person with a very positive outlook on life.

And, once a person has that reference point, hypnosis can automate the task of correcting negative thoughts. It’s almost like having some kind of translation device from one of those science fiction movies that you can just stick in your ear, and all of a sudden you can understand every language because whatever gets into your ear, gets translated into the language that you speak fluently. With hypnosis, you can translate all your negative thoughts into positive thoughts, while still remaining with your two feet firmly grounded in reality.

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