Establish Rapport

One of the most important skills in hypnosis – and in life – is to be a “people person”. That means that you are able to get along with different kinds of people, and that you can make them trust and like you.

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Specifically for hypnosis, that’s important, and they call this skill establishing rapport. It’s about making people trust and like you in a very systematic way, that some people consider manipulative. And in a way they are right – because it is purposefully engineered, it IS manipulative. But that does not mean that it’s bad. Because you can establish rapport for positive purposes – helping someone or just making a human encounter more pleasant.

If you really listen to other people, that alone will make them like you. Because people hardly really listen to each other – they just take in enough of what it is that the other person is really saying to be able to give a reply. But if you really learn to listen, you’ll not only be able to establish rapport so much faster, but you’ll also be able to “read between the lines” of what someone is saying and understand their deep psychology in ways that many people think only “psychics” could do. (Btw. if you want to learn more about how psychics mindread, watch Derren Brown take the process apart).

“Mirror” the other person – copy their body movements and other parts of their physiology in a subtle way.

Sensory Predicates
This is an advanced method of pacing. You first find out what the dominant representational system of a person is and then communicate with them in that system.

Download Establish Instant Rapport MP3

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