Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Treatment

by Bob Walsh

If you are looking for an effective obsessive compulsive disorder treatment, then you should read this. Obsessive worrying can be something that really reduces the quality of your life. Not only are you constantly keeping your mind busy with thinking about things that could possibly go wrong, but you also might annoy the people who love and care for you. Nobody enjoys being around a person who worries all the time.

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OCD people end up filling their days with all kinds of rituals and behaviors that really do not make any sense – but just performing these rituals gives them some peace of mind and prevents their fears and worries from taking over.

And it is something that is rather alienating to people who are not familiar with OCD. They might just think that you are crazy because you have to wash your hands every thirty minutes, or because you have to do this or that all the time. They do not understand that it is a behavior that is literally out of control, and that you can not simply make the decision to stop doing it. Because deep down in your gut, you feel that you have got to do it a particular way.

The common advice for people who have OCD is that they should seek out therapy. And fixing something when it is not functioning right is a good idea. But all too often, therapy focuses on analysing the causes of your OCD. That way, you end up with a lot of reasons for why you do the things you do. And oftentimes, people then subconsciously use these reasons to justify why they do it, and why they keep doing it, and why they just can not stop it. In that way, it even reinforces the OCD even more. But that is not the purpose of it.

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In my professional practice, I made the experience that those who do get over OCD the fastest, are the people who learn how to become more aware of the mental and emotional processes that happen inside of them during the course of the day, and then find alternative ways to respond to these processes and impulses.

If you feel the urge to perform a certain action, it is an emotion that drives you to do something. But you could respond with other actions to dissolve this emotion and get rid of the urge – thus freeing yourself from the chains of your obsessive behavior.

You can compare it to a computer that has been infected with a virus. When you do something with that computer that normally would lead to the outcome you want, it now does a completely different thing. And essentially, you have to reprogram your computer to get rid of the virus. And that is what hypnosis does – it kind of reprograms your brain to get rid of the obsessive behavior.

Worrying thoughts will lose the power they hold over you, and you can enjoy the relaxed feeling of being in charge of your own life without having to depend on obsessive behaviors.

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