Access Lost Memories With Hypnosis

by Bob Walsh

This is another article on hypnosis that a friend of mine wrote for you. He talks about his experience how hypnosis can help to find lost items – in this case it was his keys. But read for yourself…

I believe in Hypnosis! I’ve only had one experience personally. My Grandmother used to practice it on her patients so she used it on me over the telephone and it worked. One day, after losing my car keys twice that week, she said let me try hypnosis on you so you can find them.

Find What You Lost With Hypnosis

I was hesitant at first but desperate so gave it a try. She asked me to go to a quiet place and lie down. I went into my bedroom and laid on my bed. She started using a very relaxing, soothing voice and started asking me questions like “when do you remember last seeing your keys”, I told her.

She had me remember every single detail of the last time I physically had my keys in my hand which was two days prior to this hypnosis. I was actually moving at the time and had to put half my house in a storage unit so I rented a moving truck. The last time I could remember having my keys in my hands were when I placed them in the back of the moving truck so I could walk down to check my mail. My Brother was over and shortly after placing them in the back of the truck he returned the rental moving truck for me. To make a long story rather short, the keys were at the rental truck agency.

I was amazed that my Grandmother could help me to remember with hypnosis and believe it really works. It’s amazing how it works! I believe it works because as the person who is hypnotizing you is talking, with their soothing voice and if you truly want it to work you have to believe in it because you need to get yourself to a point where you actually go back to that day and recall details without even thinking about them, they just start replaying in your mind without even thinking.

Find Something You Lost With Hypnosis

When she was talking to me I wasn’t even aware I was laying in my bed and the phone was up to my ear. I really felt like I was back standing in my driveway with the moving truck in front of me and my Brother and I were trying to plan out who was taking the truck back. I could so easily remember I laid the keys on the edge of the back of the truck so I could grab the mail from my mailbox. As soon as I remembered that much I stopped right there, woke up and told my Grandma “oh my gosh, let me call the moving rental truck agency”.

I was that certain and positive that’s where my keys were and sure enough… they were there! I will certainly consider having it done again if need be. My Grandmother uses it in her line of work to get people to get over things from their past and move on to the future. She said there is a way to replay bad things and make them better so that the patient actually believes it never happened.

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