Hypnosis For Smoking Cessation – A True Story

by Bob Walsh

Here’s a story by my friend Dennis who used to smoke since his late childhood and finally managed to quit after he visited a smoking cessation hypnosis treatment show. What’s remarkable is that he didn’t believe in hypnosis, yet – it worked for him. (In fact, he pretty much still doesn’t believe in hypnosis to this very day). Which just proves all those people wrong who say: “Oh, hypnosis works, but only if you believe in it strongly.” Read it, it’s a great piece of story…

Boy, did I love to smoke! I started out when I was about ten years old. I found a pack of Marlboros alongside the road one day as I was riding my bike to my grandparent’s house.

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I split one with my cousin who promptly turned green and threatened to rat me out! I did not think it was that bad, probably because I didn’t inhale – seemed silly to purposely suck smoke into your lungs!

It wasn’t until I was about thirteen that I smoked frequently. Some of the cute girls I liked had older sisters who got them started on smoking. So to fit in and get in, I was smoking too.

By the time I was nineteen and bartending full time, I could burn through three packs in a day. Once I quit bartending I dropped to about a pack a day. At the age of twenty-three I was engaged to be married and my fiancé did not smoke but did not bother me about my habit.

I was getting a little tired of the rainbow of phlegm I coughed up every morning. It was the early 90’s and I was climbing the corporate ladder and did not want anything holding me back (I had overheard some of the bigwigs talking about people smelling like ashtrays).

I decided to try to stop smoking. I had been smoking Camel Filters. I figured if I could get more tar and nicotine in one shot, I would smoke less. So I switched to Camel Straights. My logic did actually work for a while. As I noticed my habit creeping up to the same level as before, I decided to take other measures. I started rolling my own cigarettes.

This worked really well and turned quite a few heads in the local bars and eateries when I rolled up a butt. But I just could not shake the damn habit for more than a few days! I really wanted to quit but couldn’t. That drove me nuts.

Then, one day, a friend told me he got hypnotized to lose weight and it was working. I told him that it did work great for him, it made his wallet $100 lighter!

My fiancé thought it was a good idea so that sealed the deal. I made and appointment the next time I saw an advertisement in the local paper. The people that put this on rented a hotel room at one of the better places in town. It was me and about eleven other people.

Payment was made in advance of the session. The show was put on by just one guy who was as forgettable as the stuff he babbled on about while soothing music played in the background. Before we started he explained how hypnosis worked and that we would not have any cigarette cravings or mood swings normally associated with smoking cessation once we had been hypnotized.

The lights were turned down in the room and everyone was relaxed. Spouses and significant others were welcome to stay, too. After the session was completed, I purchased the cassette tapes the guy also peddled to reinforce the hypnosis. Another thirty bucks on top of the fifty I paid to get hypnotized.

I left with my fiancé in tow thinking life was great! The next few weeks I craved nicotine like a junkie! I was so moody that people would not even come near me.

But I never smoked and still haven’t. That was in 1993 and I have not had so much as a puff of a cigarette since then! Every once in a while I still get a craving that just lasts literally one second then gets washed away by a nauseous feeling.

I like to joke that it was not the hypnosis that made me stop smoking as much as having to admit I got screwed out of $80 by some guy in a hotel room!

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