Cure For Herpes: Hypnosis?

by Bob Walsh

If you are looking for a herpes cure, then you should be aware what that would include: a cure for herpes would have to be able to completely eliminate the herpes virus from your body.

Unfortunately, to this day, such a cure does not exist. There is no medication or herpes treatment that can kill the herpes virus (or more precisely: herpes simplex virus 1, also known as HSV-1 and herpes simplex virus 2, also HSV-2). However, hypnosis can help you to naturally, without any sideeffects, prevent herpes outbreaks, which are what makes herpes such a nuisance.

Scientific research has shown that Herpes can even cause certain kinds of cancer (the cytomegalovirus is present at high levels in more than 90% of people who have glioblstoma multiforme tumors

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This might sound strange and unbelievable at first, but let’s keep an open mind and examine the facts first, before we draw a conclusion.

The herpes virus is like a “sleeper”. It sits inside your body and does nothing at all, just like it’s sleeping. But then, every once in a while, it “wakes up” and causes trouble. If you have oral herpes, also known as cold sore, it will show as blisters on your lips. If you have genital herpes, it will show up down there. And it’s annoying.

herpes virusFinally, it will go to sleep again, the blisters and unpleasant sensations fade, and it might seem as if it’s gone. But it’s not. It’s still there, waiting to wake up again.

You can’t get rid of that virus. But what if you could do something that keeps the virus sleeping? To prevent it from “waking up” (or breaking out). Well, that is pretty much what hypnosis allows you to do. You can’t kill the virus, but your brain can sabotage the virus’ control mechanism. It’s almost like “hacking into a computer”, but in this case, the good guy is hacking into the bad guys computer in order to prevent him from doing negative things.

Medical experts know that the herpes virus resides nearly certain nerves. Once the skin around these nerves gets damaged, the herpes virus is free to go on a rampage: this is when herpes “breaks out” and the herpes blisters appear.

Now, not only does this happen when the skin “breaks”, but it even happens when you are under intense stress or emotional pressure, or when you are exhausted or extremely tired. This weakens your immune system and can trigger a herpes outbreak.

Hypnosis is an effective tool to manage your overall state of being. Now, this alone is not enough – otherwise just doing some breathing exercises and meditation could be used to treat herpes.  But if you use specific hypnotic language patterns to influence the mechanism that are involved in the herpes outbreak, you have something that can really make a difference.

However, don’t go running to the next hypnotist. Specificity is key here. While there are many licensed hypnotherapists, very few individuals are really able to effectively treat herpes using hypnosis. That is why I recommend you chose a tried and trusted hypnosis program and see for yourself what happens. This is not about placebo – it will work even if you don’t believe in it.

Again, hypnosis can’t cure herpes, but it can help with the following symptoms:

  • hypnosis can reduce herpes-related pain
  • hypnosis can reduce crusting on the skin
  • reduce labial herpes
  • reduce genital herpes
  • reduce blisters
  • reduce itchiness

There are many herpes treatments: antiviral medication, topical treatments, light treatments, and all kinds of alternative treatments. But the most powerful medicine resides right within you: your own mind. If you can tap into it’s potential and harness it’s power to reduce or eliminate the herpes symptoms, then that can be many times stronger than all the other ways to fight herpes combined.

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It’s best to combine this with other approaches of treating herpes naturally. A study has shown that there is a natural substance that is 43% more effective for sores on the lips and 59% better for treating genital sores compared with the widely prescribed antiviral herpes medication acyclovir cream. What substance was this? Raw honey! (Raw honey is unprocessed honey. It’s not as easy to find, but if you live in a city there are probably stores that sell it, and otherwise you can search online – if you order online, we recommend you get Manuka honey from New Zealand – more expensive, but it’s been approved for medical use).

Resveratrol is another natural substance you can use to treat herpes. You’ve probably already heard about it – it’s the antioxidant that is found in grape seeds, and it’s what is behind most of the positive health benefits of red wine.

“About 90 percent of the world’s population carry it in them all their lives, once infected, and become sick again in stress situations.”
– Dr. Anke Burger-Kentischer of the Fraunhofer Institute for Interfacial Engineering and Biotechnology IGB in Stuttgart, Germany

Scientists in Germany have now developed a working 3D model of the virus in order to find better treatment methods. Because as mentioned before, herpes isn’t just a nuisance – it can also cause serious medical problems, including inflammation in the brain, and the more outbreaks you have, the higher the risk.

So it’s best to prevent outbreaks and weaken the herpes virus using natural, sustainable methods that strengthen your immune system in the long run.

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