Thumb Sucking Hypnosis For Adults

by Bob Walsh

Thumb sucking hypnosis can help you to stop thumb sucking. While it’s perfectly normal for babies at a certain stage to suck on their thumbs – it’s rather humiliating for an adult to do so.

Often people think they are the only person still sucking on their thumb as an adult – but there are literally tens of thousands of people who can`t stop it too.

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Effects on your teeth

Apart from social and psychological issues of thumb sucking, there are also negative effects on your teeth. The kind of dental problems that are possible vary, and often depend upon the technique of thumb sucking.

Open bite

One of the most common kinds is buck teeth (overjet). This is when your central two frontal upper tooth stand out more, because your thumb always pushes them forward. Another dental deformation caused by thumb sucking is the open bite – where the upper and lower frontal teeth don’t close, leaving an opening even when you bite your teeth together.

What causes thumb sucking?

It all starts in childhood. When we are babies, we have a natural sucking instinct and we associate it with the nourishing experience of being fed. And later when the breast feeding phase stops, we start to suck on our thumbs to make the withdrawal more easy.

We experience it as something that is relaxing and comforting.

And somehow that link sticks in our brain. And when we feel the need to relax, when we want some emotional relief – we just suck on our thumb again. Many times it is something that we aren’t even consciously aware of. We do it automatically. It is a subconscious reflex. Sometimes we just notice it after the fact – you’ve done it again.

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Sometimes people suck their thumbs when they’re stressed out, sometimes they do it to fall asleep faster. Whatever it is for you – you don’t need your thumbs to get it.

But subconsciously, there is such a strong association between the act of sucking on your thumb and emotional comfort, that you can’t just stop thumb sucking.

Hypnosis can help you to “un-link” these two so that you can simply relax and get the emotional comfort without sucking on your thumb.

Soon, there won’t be any need to go “thumb sucking in the closet” anymore – you don’t need to hide it.

Just realize that hypnosis won’t magically cure you. You still need to have motivation to stop this habit. And in the first 20-30 days, you might still occasionally catch yourself sucking on your thumbs. Don’t misinterpret that as “hypnosis doesn’t work”. But instead, realize that you’re in a transitioning phase, where your mind rewires itself. Accept it, shrug it away, laugh about it – it’s fine. Just don’t get hung up on it or get upset about it. And sooner than you can imagine you will find that you have stopped sucking on your thumbs.

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