Quit Smoking Hypnosis

by Bob Walsh

Now, this is a story of a woman who tried hypnosis twice to stop smoking, and it didn’t work in both occasions. And if you read this story, and you know a bit about hypnosis, you will understand why. But if you just want to quit smoking and don’t know anything about hypnosis, then there is a valuable lesson contained in this experience: there are a lot of quack-hypnotists, and you need to go to a good hypnotist for help. Although I know that some people have succeeded to end their smoking habit in group hypnosis, I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. And as far as the second therapist is concerned… someone making people watch a videotape and then chanting “you will quit smoking” over and over again obviously has no skills at all when it comes to hypnosis. (That’s the difference between “confidence” and “competence”… and unfortunately there are lots of “hypnotists” with lots of confidence, but next-to-zero competence).

I had gone on two seperate occasions for hynosis, both for the same reason, to help me quit smoking cigarettes. My first experience was a group hypnosis, one time seminar/class. I went with a friend and there were about 40 to 50 other people there besides us.

We all sat in chairs and were talked to by the instructor for about 40 minutes explaining the bad effects caused by smoking nicotine. Then the last ten minutes was the hypnosis part. We were all told to close our eyes and count to ten backwards. At this point we were all suppose to act like we had cigarettes in out hands and put it in our mouths and take a puff. You can hear people’s reactions because apparently they were in a trance and actually felt and tasted the smoke when they inhalled.

As for me I was not in a trance and was looking around how ridiculous everybody looked. When it was all over we were all brainwashed to buy the self help cds for $150.00. I can sure say that time did not work for me all I did was become $150.00 poorer with still a horrible habit.

My second experience with hypnosis occured last year when my sister and I decided to use the hypnotist who helped our mother quit smoking 5 years prior. We made the appointment and traveled to the man’s apartment in Brooklyn, NY. one Sunday afternoon. We had arrived a little early so we decided to wait in the car and smoke our last cigarettes. We both agreed to try to not laugh because the two of us can get into very bad laughing fits especially when it is quiet.

Finally, it was time to go and as we entered the building we could not help but hold our noses from the horrible stench that was within the walls. It must have been dinner time because there were about 100 different odors leaking out of each door crack.

Finally we made it up to the man’s floor and knock on the door. He answered quickly and we entered the apartment, only to find it containing that horrible stench too. He asked us to both sit down on his couch as he starting explaining to us the bad things smoking does to you. He then put a video in the vcr and made us watch a horrible video of the effects it has to your body etc. After the video, he made us both sit there and close our eyes, he attempted to put us in a trance. Once he felt we were in one he kept chanting ,” You will quit smoking” over and over and he also said other things, but who was listening.

I was too busy trying to keep myself from getting into a laughing fit. At some point I had to let a big laugh out, because I couldnt control it anymore and that was the end. My sister heard it because our eyes were closed so she can only hear it and then she was trying to stop her self from laughing… Finally it was over and we paid the man and thanked him. As soon as we got in the car, we both tried to act like it worked and did not light up (also the fact that we threw our cigarettes out before we went in). She told me that the whole time she was concentrating on not getting into a laughing fit as was I, so we wasn’t even paying attention to what he was saying. Well, needless to say we both still smoke. That was my hypnosis experience.

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