Conversational Hypnosis

by Bob Walsh

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Do you want to know “real-world” hypnosis? The kind of hypnosis that you might have seen Derren Brown perform, the kind of hypnosis that you know from the comic books and movies?

Well, then Clifford Mee’s course is probably the closest thing you can get to aquire these skills. It’s all about mind tricks that you can play in the real world.

Of course you won’t be able to “create killers” that will assasinate someone for you, but you’ll be able to hypnotize people covertly – putting them under your spell without them knowing it.

To put it differently: if you want to master the art of MANIPULATION, then Conversational Hypnosis is for you.

But There Is A Downside To The Conversational Hypnosis Course

If you don’t know anything about NLP, then CHC is really not for you. If you don’t know the difference between pacing and leading, if you don’t know what rapport is, I DON’T recommend you get this course. It’s way to advanced and would be over your head. Get a book on NLP and watch some videos from Richard Bandler.

Maybe you heard of Kevin Mitnick, the “social hacker” that gained access to confidential information – NOT by hacking computer code, but by “hacking people”. In the end he got busted and had to serve five years in jail (and even eight month in solitary confinement, because the authorities were scared he’d “hack” the prison guards’ minds too).

It’s this kind of knowledge that you’ll find in CHC. (Yes, even the stuff that Mitnick did NOT share in his bestselling book “The Art of Deception”).

It’s about engineering (and subconsciously causing) likeability. So that even people who would be REPELLED by you will like you.

If you know about Clifford Mee, the founder of CHC, you know that he was a “marketing manager” for a nightclub for almost a decade.

Now, night clubs are all about one thing: socializing. Having a good time, etc.

But what does that REALLY mean? It’s all a big power play. It’s like in a herd of monkeys – who’s the number 1 person in the room, who’s below that and so on. And it’s not just insecure teenagers who feel that way. It’s EVERYBODY who feels that way, subconsiously we (human beings) are constantly evaluation whether the person we are talking to has a higher or lower social status.

Now, even though I’m saying it’s “Clifford’s” course, it’s really not. Yes, he’s the one who “put it together”, turned it into a product and is marketing it now.

And even though he studied the art and science of influence for years, he wasn’t enough of an expert by his own standards to put this course together.

So did the same thing that Bill Gates did when building Microsoft: he found people who knew more about the subject than him – he found “better experts”. In fact, he found one of the best experts in the world: Igor Ledochowski.

Now that is a weird name, and Igor is a weird guy – but HE KNOWS HYPNOSIS. He’s one of the world’s foremost authorities on hypnosis, and he’s (probably) the best teacher of hypnotic skills.

How do I know? Well, for one I studied with A LOT of NLP and hypnosis trainers… INCLUDING Dr. Richard Bandler.

And while Richard Bandler is still undisputed when it comes to skills – when it comes to teaching, he isn’t as passionate and dedicated as he once was. And who can blame him? Richard has done more for humankind that a couple of generations of psychotherapists, but there hasn’t been a major breakthrough for more than a decade now in his work, and he’s pretty much “seen it all”.

But Igor still has “the edge” when it comes to teaching – and in Conversational Hypnosis you get the best of him.

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