Abstaining from Masturbation

by Bob Walsh

Sexuality is not just a means of reproduction – it is also one of the sources of joy in our lives. And there are different ways to enjoy sex: with a partner or alone. It’s perfectly normal, most people do it. But at some point, masturbation can become an obsession – and in those cases, abstaining from masturbation is a good idea.

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There are many reasons why a person may want to masturbate less. Some people want to do it because of religious, spiritual or moral concerns. Some people want to stop masturbating because of health concerns. There’s no truth to the old saying that masturbation makes you blind, or makes hair grow on your palms.

masturbation addiction

Even in ancient Greek people knew of the dangers of masturbation

But it definitely is true that masturbating too much comes with a physical and psychological cost. It drains you of physical energy. There is a link between masturbation and knee pain and lower-back problems. Even though scientists haven’t yet been able to find an explanation for this problem, it is a common phenomenon that people with weak knees or low back issues often notice their symptoms getting worse after masturbation.

And people who masturbate a lot can also suffer from self-esteem issues and often have problems with low self-confidence.

Masturbation is an easy way to feel good momentarily. And that’s why for some people, it has become a substitute for taking actions that can help them to lead happier and healthier lives. In those cases, “doing it yourself” does more harm than good. It’s what gambling is to the gambler, what drugs are to the junky – it’s when pleasing yourself has become an addiction.

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And in those cases, you need to find out how abstaining from masturbation can help you to lead a happier, more fulfilling, more productive life. It’s about finding a way to doing something that you are proud of, rather than ashamed of. It’s about putting your energy to good use.

We all have one life – and there are different ways to live it. You can wank it away, but that would be a waste of the biggest gift you have ever received. Or you can take things into your own hands (but not that thing) and create the life that you want to life.

But it’s tought at times. Because sometimes that urge seems too strong. Sometimes you might feel so compelled to do it, that it’s just overwhelming, and you give up, and you give in.

And that is why hypnosis can really help you. Because with hypnosis, you can install a subconscious mechanism in your mind that will help you to have the strength to resist when you feel like you have to do it.

Just give it a try – in the privacy of your own home. You don’t need to see a therapist, you can just listen to a professionally crafted hypnosis induction at home. And in fact, in many cases that is even better – because it’s there whenever you need it. When you feel like doing it, just listen to it so that it helps you to battle and overcome the urge. It’s a way of building character, it makes you a stronger person. And not just that: it also makes you a happier, prouder, more confident person.

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