Hypnosis To Eat Vegetables

by Bob Walsh

Vegetables aren’t on the list of favorite foods for most people. But vegetables are actually on top of the list when it comes to healthy foods. So is there something you can do to actually ENJOY eating your veggies? Well, yes – you can use hypnosis to eat more vegetables because they’ll start to actually taste better and you’ll savor it more, rather than eating it because you feel that “you should eat it for health reasons”.

Hypnosis To Eat Vegetables Audio

This surely might seem a bit strange to some people – after all, it’s not some kind of serious psychological issue like a phobia. It’s just about eating your greens.

But it does have a major impact on your health and well-being, both physical and psychological.

There are plenty of health benefits when it comes to eating more vegetables.

So why is it that they’re often so disliked? After all, they’re colorful, healthy, make us feel better in the long run…

well, much of it is psychology. If you had a parent or role model when you were young who disliked vegetables (or a certain kind of vegetable), what often happens is that you “learn to dislike that vegetable” too.

As children we learn not just from what our parents tell us, but often even more about their facial expressions and reactions to things. So if you’ve been sitting on the table with your dad as a kid, and he made “that” face when your mom put lettuce on his plate – than your subconscious mind “remembers”: Hey, dad doesn’t like lettuce. He makes that disgusted face. Lettuce is disgusting. I don’t want to eat it.

In many ways this makes sense – it’s a very powerful learning strategy for survival. Think about it: there was a time when we had to pick up these clues. If you look at it from an evolutionary perspective: for most of human history, there was a high danger of eating something that was poisonous. So it was very important for the survival of babies that they watch how parents react to certain foods – and especially to avoid foods the parents avoided.

It’s very hard to “unlearn” these lessons, because they’re stored in your subconscious mind. Fortunately there is…

Self Hypnosis To Eat Vegetables

Just imagine actually wanting to eat the stuff that’s good for you and helps you to get in shape.

When you finally can stop telling yourself: “I really should eat more vegetables.”

And start listening to yourself: “Mhmmm, I love this salad! So yummy!”