Self Hypnosis: OCD

by Bob Walsh

If you’re looking for some good self hypnosis OCD treatment then you’ve come to the right place. On this website you’ll learn why self hypnosis works so well for OCD, what some examples of OCD are and how to overcome your compulsions.

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In many ways hypnotism for OCD works similar to cognitive-biobehavioral self-treatment, except that more emphasis is put on the subconscious mind, and resistance to let go of OCD behaviors can be overcome more easily.

Reasons why self hypnosis for OCD works so well

Self hypnosis is something that you can do as often as you like, whenever and whereever you feel like it. And contrary to pharmaceutical approaches, hypnosis becomes more effective the more you practice it.

OCD is often classified as an anxiety disorder – and self hypnosis has shown to be an excellent treatment method for anxiety disorders. Hypnotic interventions can also work, however because of the many repetitions required self hypnosis is a much more affordable and efficient way (most people simply don’t have the funds or the time to visit a therapist daily for weeks in a row). The hypnotically induced relaxation can also help to reduce tension in everyday life.

What’s more with self hypnosis you can reprogram your brain to disassociate triggers of OCD from tension, and thus make it more easy for you to stay calm and relaxed in situations that might otherwise cause you anxiety or stress.

OCD is not just a bio-chemical imbalance in the brain.

People with OCD belief that performing specific “rituals” will help them to solve problems. These rituals are often absurd, to outside observers ridiculous – and in fact, many people with OCD are embarrassed about their compulsions.

It starts with certain obsessive thoughts.

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Some people need to align everything in a certain way – and if things aren’t aligned just the way the feel it should be, then it causes them anxiety and restlessness.

Some people for example have to do everything in certain numbers. So when they put on deodorant, they roll the deostick three times over their armpits, and if it’s not three then it must be six, and if not six, then nine (numbers which can be divided by three). If you would take away the deostick from such a person after, say rolling over 4 times, they would often develop an anxiety attack and freak out.

Others always have to check and re-check if they locked the door properly. And they will often go back to check it several times in a row, to the point where it doesn’t make any sense, but they do feel compelled to do so just to be sure.

Hypnosis helps you to turn obsessive thoughts into rational thoughts, and thus remove the urge to perform these irrational rituals.

With this self hypnosis OCD MP3 you can get in charge of your subconscious mind and free yourself from compulsive rituals. The more often you listen to this audio session the more you will notice that you begin to calm down, loosen up and relax. You can be at ease with

hypnosis downloadSelf Hypnosis OCD Download