Remote Viewing MP3

by Bob Walsh

Remote viewing is a form of advanced mental psycho-energetic perception, but one which can be taught. Its main purpose is to view external information through the use of the mind, but it can also allow one to change certain mental and physical processes of the human body.

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Although the informal process of remote viewing has been known for centuries, most people have only heard about it through various news stories which have reported that the CIA conducted tests in remote viewing back in the early 1970s in a project called “Stargate”. Whether or not the CIA continue with such tests is difficult to prove, but remote viewing has been scientifically demonstrated to be effective and successful.

One of the pioneers of the art, the late Ingo Swann, instructed thousands of ordinary citizens to learn their potential, and to put into practice many of the techniques of self-hypnosis and remote viewing which he intuitively possessed.

You, the remote viewer, can be taught how to use your mental abilities to perceive and gain data that you could have had no other way to access. You would have had no prior knowledge or connection to these things and yet will gain real knowledge about them. With our remote viewing MP3 you will be able to learn and take advantage of these exciting techniques and put them to use in your life making it possible to achieve things you have only been able to dream about.

hypnosis downloadGet Your Remote Viewing MP3 Download

Although some people do have a natural innate ability to achieve advanced levels of consciousness, it does take practice for most people. This is what our remote viewing mp3 seeks to accomplish for you by teaching you the necessary techniques. Once your consciousness expands you will find yourself more open to external data that you had never before perceived (because it had only been subconsciously processed). It will also allow you to take greater control of your life and grab firm hold of those things that you have been desiring but have heretofore had difficulty obtaining.

Part of our instructional method involves relaxation and self-hypnosis techniques rarely used or appreciated by the public at large. We aren’t talking about the typical dog-and-pony show that you sometimes see on television. This isn’t about parlor tricks, but about accessing very real mental and psychical energies and processes which when manipulated give you more power over your life and the things which affect it on a daily basis. This can and does include overcoming bad habits, controlling aspects of your environment, and gaining mastery over your natural bodily processes in order to vastly improve your physical health and mental well-being. Some individuals with the help of remote viewing, self-hypnosis and certain relaxation techniques, have been able to slow the progression of disease, or even reverse previously unresolved damage to the mind and body.

If you are seeking greater control over your life, and desire to change things which have up to now seemed impossible to change, our self-hypnosis and remote viewing mp3 will help you to achieve the outcomes that you have sincerely desired for so long.

hypnosis downloadGet Your Remote Viewing MP3 Download