Instantly Reduce Your Cortisol Level by 23% With This Simple Exercise

by Bob Walsh

Today I wanted to share a really great exercise with you that will lower your cortisol level by 23% instantly. I learned this from Dr. Sara Gottfried, author of the book The Hormone Cure.

Simply close your eyes for a moment.

And put your hand on your heart.

And breathe in and out into your heart.

Imagine that while you’re breathing in, you’re breathing into your heart. And while you imagine and visualize that, take a really deep breath, the kind of deep abdominal breath where your belly expands when you are breathing in.

And then when you breath out, imagine that you are breathing out from your heart and send our blessings into the world from your heart.

And do this a couple of times in a row.

Just a few moments. This might sound very esoteric, but it’s proven to reduce cortisol levels by 23% on average.

Just another example of how powerful our minds (and hearts) are :-)