Selective Eating Hypnosis

by Bob Walsh

If you’re a picky eater then there’s a real possibility that the selective eating hypnosis download can make your life a lot easier, like it did for hundreds of other people already.

hypnosis downloadSelective Eating Hypnosis Download

Food is more than just “fuel for the body” – and there is such a huge variety of choices, it can be fun to explore. For people who suffer from Selective Eating Disorder (SED or perseverative feeding disorder) it’s a completely different thing though: you’re so limited about what you “can” eat, that it can make life really stressful and take the joy out of social occasions where sharing a meal is often an important element of social bonding, and the same is true for business situations.

Selective eating hypnosis is specially made for people who want to stop being a picky eater and become more flexible when it comes to food. Most people think that this is just a weird or kind of freakish habit, but it really is a true eating disorder and it should be treated. Nancy Zucker, director of the Duke Center For Eating Disorders conducted a study that was originally intended to include a couple hundred picky eaters – and she was very surprised when thousands of people signed up for it (the last public count was more than 18,000 picky eaters).

Are you scared of trying new foods, or disgusted by foods that have a certain texture or smell? These dislikes are all learned at some point in your life – you’re not born with them, although many of them may have formed early in childhood. And that’s actually good news – because you weren’t born with these dislikes, and your brain learned to dislike certain foods, you also can un-learn to dislike them.

But there’s a right way and a wrong way to do it.

If you force yourself to eat certain foods, even though you feel repulsed by them, you could actually end up making your selective eating disorder worse. Because negative experiences can reinforce an already preexisting dislike. In extreme cases tasting foods people dislike can even cause people to throw up. There are plenty of little tricks – researchers for example found out that colorful plates help people to be less picky about food1 but these are not really solutions.

hypnosis downloadSelective Eating Hypnosis Download

That’s why hypnosis against selective eating disorder can be so effective – because it changes the way you feel about foods from the inside out, and makes you become more exploratory with foods, reduces dislikes and feelings of disgust and also increases the joy you get from tasting different flavors and textures.

The most commonly avoided foods are foods which are bitter, sour and spicy, whereas most picky eaters like sweet foods and to a lesser degree salty foods. However, this can vary from person to person.

There’s no need to stick to food neophobia – and your life will be so much more pleasurable and rewarding once you open yourself up to experiencing and experimenting with the full range of flavors, textures and scents that your palate can explore. Many of the people I’ve worked with told me that it’s almost like the difference between a black and white movie, and a color movie – except that it’s not just a movie, but real life.

hypnosis downloadSelective Eating Hypnosis Download

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