Can’t Stop Night Eating?

by Bob Walsh

If you feel like you can’t stop night eating then take 3 minutes to read this article. There is a possibility that you will be able to use the information you find on this website to overcome night eating once and for all.

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Ah, it has probably happened already so many times. You know it’s bad for you. You tell yourself you won’t do it again. You tell yourself you won’t eat anything after 9 p.m. And then, comes midnight, you feel this irresistible desire, this insatiable craving… som

You know that night eating causes weight gain. And you might find it easy to be a disciplined dieter during the daytime. In fact, I know many people who find it very easy to completely skip breakfast – but then later can’t help themselves when it’s nighttime and completely overindulge. This is of course a twofold problem: 1. when you’re not eating breakfast, you’re metabolism won’t function at its best, and you’ll burn less calories than you could. And second, the heavy eating directly before going to sleep will not just cause you to deposit more calories in your body because they won’t be burned as fast, but it’ll also negatively affect the quality of your sleep.

hypnosis downloadStop Night Eating

So if you feel like you can’t stop night eating, how to go about it?

Well, if you feel a strong urge to eat when it’s already too late, one thing you can do is to simply drink a lot of water. This will at least temporarily help to reduce the craving to a certain extend.

You could also try to eat something like a hot oatmeal – but simply unsweetened oats with hot water. That at least puts something into your stomach, but there aren’t as many calories and it gets digested easier.

A lot of times night eating is simply a way of filling an emotional gap which needs to be filled. Maybe you eat at night because you feel bored or lonely or frustrated or anxious or stressed. In those cases it can help you try to fix the underlying issue, so that you don’t need to compensate by overeating at night.

Whatever you decide to do – with hypnosis you can make it easier. One reason why so many people feel like they can’t stop night eating is because it’s essentially an impulse control issue and much of it happens subconsciously and is outside of conscious control. When you use hypnotic suggestions to help you, things will almost automatically become a lot easier and new eating behaviors happen.

hypnosis downloadStop Night Eating